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Uart Punk

Дискография Uart Punk:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Demo '81 + Live '82 18 audio iTunes 1997
2 Demo '81 + Live '82 18 audio iTunes 1997

Uart Punk was a punk hardcore band from Messina, south Italy. Started in 1981, the band only visited the studio once, to record a demo. It's a really simple recording, but the best way to get the rawness and the energy this band could create, in its purest form. All tracks included on compilations were taken from this studio session. During their short existence, Uart Punk played only few shows, including one in Milano at the legendary Virus Squat. At a 1982 show in their hometown the band played a local "Festa dell'Unita", which is the annual communist/left-wing feast, celebrated in all towns of the country. The Uart Punk performance ended with the singer screaming "We're not here to support the communist party, we are here only because we want to play free, because music is a right! Against musical fascism! Punk's not dead!!" This is definitely the symbol of the honest anti-politics attitude this band had. Uart Punk lyrics were totally direct and sincere, a simple but coherent protest against nuclear power, religion, military life, heroin, and the government's manipulation behind, social violence, work frustrating the masses, and so on... With the demise of the band in 1983, the singer Giovanni moved to north-eastern Italy and formed another memorable punk hardcore band, [a=Soglia Del Dolore].

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