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Hans Vermeulen

Hans Gerard Jozef Vermeulen

Также известно как: H. Vermeulen, Hans, Hans Venneulen, P.J. Vermeulen, Petrus J Hans Vermeulen, Vermeulen, Vermuelen
Группа в интернете: http://www.hansvermeulen.nl/

Дискография Hans Vermeulen:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Songbook 12 audio iTunes 1977 Poker (2)
2 Ik Dacht Het Wel 10 audio iTunes 1982
3 Hilde 2 audio iTunes 1982 CBS
4 I Couldn't Stay Away From You / (Mr.) Es 2 audio iTunes 1976 Mercury
5 Teygo Makandra 2 audio iTunes 1990
6 In The Land Of Nowhere 2 audio iTunes 1970 Polydor
7 You Are My Everything 2 audio iTunes 1978 Bovema Negram
8 Wat Dan? 2 audio iTunes 1982 CBS
9 Show Us A Sign 2 audio iTunes 1985 Corduroy Records
10 De Kikkerbaas Van Duinrell 2 audio iTunes 1986 Duinrell
11 I Am But A Fool 2 audio iTunes 1986 Dureco
12 A Plain Mystery 2 audio iTunes 1991 RCA
13 Teygo Makandra 2 audio iTunes 1992 Not On Label
14 Ik Dacht Het Wel 10 audio iTunes 1991 PPF
15 Teygo Makandra 2 audio iTunes 1989 RCA
16 Vogelvrij 15 audio iTunes 1998 ABCD
17 I Only Know My Name 8 audio iTunes 1976 Mercury

Singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer, born 18 September 1947 in Voorburg, Netherlands. Founding member of [b]Sandy Coast[/b] in the early 1960s and [b]Rainbow Train[/b] in the 1970s. Succesfully worked as a producer and songwriter with artists such as [a=Anita Meyer], [a=Rob de Nijs] and [a=Ruth Jacott]. Moved to Thailand in the early 1990s but is still occasionally active in the Netherlands. Vermeulen is the former husband of [a=Dianne Marchal] and has been married to Thai singer [i]Aom Jariya Chatsuwan[/i] since 1998. He is also the brother of [a=Jan Vermeulen].

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