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Ika Sali

Michal Salaganič

Также известно как: I. Sali, Iika Sali
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/ikasali, http://www.ikasali.tk, http://www.sajgon-records.eu, http://www.techhead.gr

Дискография Ika Sali:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 My Rythm LP 12 audio iTunes 2005-09-01 Night Drive Music
2 Viewing LP 9 audio iTunes 2005 Cosmic Playroom
3 A Dost Bolo 4 audio iTunes 2010 Sajgon Records
4 Two Ways E.P. 4 audio iTunes 2010 Sajgon Records
5 Whatever E.P. 4 audio iTunes 2010 Sajgon records
6 Minimal & Deep | Vol.2 52 audio iTunes 2008-01-01
7 Deep Experimental Vol.1 59 audio iTunes 2008-01-01
8 Tension EP 3 audio iTunes 2011-06-13 Ipologica Recordings
9 Expressions 9 audio iTunes 2012-12-16 Sajgon Records

by own name Michal Salaganic(1981) comes from east Slovakia from Presov city. He met with the electronic music very soon around his 14 years. In this time he knew artists like AphexTwin, Plastikman aka Hawtin, Orbital, Underworld, Chemical Brothers and many more, but also slowly and for sure techno side of electronic music.... Thanks to them he knew what will be next way in his life. Inspired by the music that he heard, playing and making electronic music by himself became only in the natural progression...... In 1997 he got his first computer and began producing his own music. One year on this, he has started to buy a vinyls and play also like DJ. With his friends he created techno booking and start organized first local real techno parties where it was possible..... With new powerful computer Ika start producing music professionally and besides he play and produce techno he also "waste" time with other his favorite styles of electronic music like minimal, minimal house, techhouse, but also ambient, IDM, chill out etc .... His first officially releases comes in 2004 when he became a part of the techno labels 773tekno-records (Chicago/USA) and Techhead-rec.(Greece) , where besides other releases his tracks on vynil, next to artists like Bando, Patrik Skoog, Tim Xavier, Balthazar,John Karagis and other. In this same year also release his minimal house album "My Rhythm" on German label Night-drive-music from which many world DJs use tracks in their sets like one from techno founder Kevin Saunderson. Next release was also successfully electronic listening album "Viewing" on Cosmic playroom. But all this was only start way to get his music to outside world..... Ika played at the many parties in his or other countries with famous djs like Hardcell, Takaaki Itoh, Henrik B, Olga/Jozef aka Loktibrada, Echoplex, Rumenige aka Toky, Wittekind, Plus, Supagrupa and many many more.... About past three years came change in Ika's music mind and produce&play music under about 135bpm with point of more intelligent music direct, what you can see in his latest releases. With this also start use midi controller with notebook in DJing. In his sets you travel on music board combine from minimal, house, techhouse, deephouse or all kind of techno, where you of course very often meet his own tracks..... In present he always accrediting his DJing, prepares his new releases and manage his label Saj-gon records.

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