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Harry Macadam

Группа в интернете: http://www.associatedminds.com/

Дискография Harry Macadam:

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Picture it, George Gershwin with an MPC. That’s it, that’s the man HAROLD MACADAM right there. The man has an ear for finding the most simplest but honest melody and gracing it with the kind of killer drums that Jon Bonham would be proud of. Harold stands to the left of your average hip hop producer, feeling his sounds in only a way he can. His style comes with a modern day rag time feel mixed with some of that boom bap. He’s taken the vaudeville out of your granddaddies record collection and put it on the street corner. The man believes in music, just wanting to give people that good time feel that they haven’t heard from all these other run-of-the-mill beatmakers.

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