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Colin Moulding

Colin Ivor Moulding

Также известно как: C. Mouldina, C. Moulding, C.Moulding, Colin, Colin/Moulding, Collin/Moulding, Moulding

Дискография Colin Moulding:

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Born 17th August 1955 in Gorse Hill, Swindon. In 1970 Colin got a secondhand Bass Guitar from Kempsters. Formed [a=Star Park] with [a=Terry Chambers] and [a=Andy Partridge] in 1972. The band played their first gig, supporting [a=Thin Lizzy] at the Swindon College in May 1973. Changed their name from Helium Kidz to [a=XTC] around 1974.

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