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Fritz Schulz-Reichel

Также известно как: Crazy Otto, F. Schulz, F. Schulz - Reichel, F. Schulz-Reichel, F. Schulz/Reichel, F.Schulz-Reichel, Fritz Reichel, Fritz S. Reichel, Fritz Schultz-Reichel, Fritz Schulz Reichel, Fritz Schulz-Reichel u. s. Blue-Piano, Fritz Schulz-Reichel u. s. Party-Piano, Fritz Schulz-Reichel Und Sein Bar-Sextett, Fritz Schulz-Reichel, Su Piano Y Su Órgano Hammond Con Acompañamiento De Ritmo, Reichel, Schultz-Reichel, Schulz, Schulz - Reichel, Schulz-Reichel, Schulz/Reichel

Дискография Fritz Schulz-Reichel:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 In The Mood For Love 14 audio iTunes Polydor
2 Hits Intim 28 audio iTunes 1972 Polydor
3 Die Großen Erfolge 20 audio iTunes Polydor
4 Piano In Gold 12 audio iTunes Karussell
5 Crazy Otto And His Honky-Tonk Piano 28 audio iTunes Polydor Contact
6 In Der Bar Nebenan 19 audio iTunes
7 Tokaier Bei Piroschka 28 audio iTunes Polydor
8 Mona / Piano Marathon 4 audio iTunes Polydor
9 Piano-Derby 2 audio iTunes 1961 Polydor
10 Music For Dinner 12 audio iTunes Polydor
11 Tokaier Bei Piroschka 28 audio iTunes Polydor
12 Wodka Bei Veruschka 27 audio iTunes 1968 Polydor
13 Immer Wieder Schön - Tanzmelodien Aus Beliebten Operetten 8 audio iTunes Polydor
14 Golden Hits Vol. 2 28 audio iTunes Polydor
15 Hi-Fi Piano 12 audio iTunes 1956 Polydor
16 Piano NonStop 12 audio iTunes 1971 Polydor Special
17 Cocktail Time 12 audio iTunes 1971 Polydor Prisma
18 Not So Crazy Otto 12 audio iTunes 1957 Polydor
19 The Music Of Robert Stolz 12 audio iTunes Polydor
20 In Der Bar Nebenan 43 audio iTunes Polydor
21 Music To Love By 12 audio iTunes Polydor
22 The Magic Piano 12 audio iTunes Polydor
23 Tea Time 14 audio iTunes Polydor
24 Piano A La Carte 12 audio iTunes Polydor
25 In Einer Bar Zu Zweit 12 audio iTunes Karussell
26 Golden Hits 12 audio iTunes Polydor
27 Mit Fritz Schulz-Reichel In Einer Kleinen Bar 28 audio iTunes Karussell
28 Tanzende Tasten 8 audio iTunes Polydor
29 Piano In Gold 12 audio iTunes 1969 Polydor
30 Piano In Satin 12 audio iTunes Polydor Special
31 In Einer Bar In Paris 28 audio iTunes Polydor
32 Tanzende Tasten 27 audio iTunes 1956
33 Golden Hits 12 audio iTunes Polydor
34 Wodka Time 28 audio iTunes 1968 Polydor
35 Wodka Time 28 audio iTunes Ex Libris

b. July 04, 1912, Meiningen d. February 14, 1980, Berlin nick-name: "Crazy Otto" In the 1940s and 50s he played the piano in various Jazz Formations. He also was a member of the German All-Star Orchestra from 1948 the [a=Amiga Star Band II]. Since 1960s Schulz-Reichel got several releases on Polydor with the spotlight on styles such as Easy Listening, Bar-Music and Ragtime. He was an artist of international regard and his very special personal style made him one of the leading artists for Entertainment-Music.

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