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Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra

Также известно как: Bennie Moten, Bennie Moten & His Kansas City Orchestra, Bennie Moten And His Kansas City Orchestra, Bennie Moten Orchestra, Bennie Moten's Kansas City Jazz, Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orch., Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orquesta, Benny Moten's Kansas City Orchestra
Члены группы Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra: Ben Webster, Bennie Moten, Booker Washington, Buster Moten, Count Basie, Ed Lewis, Eddie Barefield, Eddie Durham, Harlan Leonard, Hot Lips Page, Jack Washington, Jimmy Rushing, Leroy Berry, Paul Webster, Thamon Hayes, Vernon Page, Walter Page, Willie McWashington, Woody Walder

Дискография Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 South / She's No Trouble 2 audio iTunes 1935 RCA Victor
2 The New Tulsa Blues / The Petter's Stomp 2 audio iTunes 1928-11-00 Victor
3 Count Basie In Kansas City: Bennie Moten's Great Band Of 1930-1932 16 audio iTunes 1965 RCA Victor
4 Kansas City Squabble / New Goofy Dust 2 audio iTunes 1929 Victor
5 It's Hard To Laugh Or Smile / Hot Town 2 audio iTunes 1936 Bluebird (3)
6 Won't You Be My Baby? / Now That I Need You 2 audio iTunes Bluebird (3)
7 South / Frankie And Johnnie 2 audio iTunes 1949 RCA Victor
8 Moten Stomp / Blue Guitar Stomp 2 audio iTunes Bluebird (3)
9 It's Hard To Laugh Or Smile / Tough Breaks 2 audio iTunes Victor
10 That's What I'm Talking About / Terrific Stomp 2 audio iTunes Victor
11 Blue Room / Milenberg Joys 2 audio iTunes 1934 Bluebird (3)
12 Volume 1 (1926-1927) 16 audio iTunes
13 Volume 2 (1928-1929) 16 audio iTunes
14 Moten's Blues Volume 3 (1929) 16 audio iTunes
15 Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra 1923-25 With Ada Brown And Mary H. Bradford 20 audio iTunes 1982 Retrieval
16 'Moten's Swing' Volume 5 (1929-1932) 16 audio iTunes RCA
17 Treasury Of Jazz N° 12 10 audio iTunes 1962 RCA
18 1923 - 1925 20 audio iTunes 1984 Swaggie Records
19 Benny Moten's Kansas City Jazz, Volume 2 8 audio iTunes 1954
20 1930-1932 22 audio iTunes 1991

In the late 1920s, [a=Bennie Moten]'s [b]Kansas City Orchestra[/b] was the most sucessful Jazz band of the Midwest. The band toured all over the country and had a top selling recording in 1927 for Victor named "South". In 1929, the young [a=Count Basie] of [b]The Blue Devils[/b] joined the band, and several other members of that band soon followed. Among them were bass player [a=Walter Page], trumpeter [a=Hot Lips Page], vocalist [a=Jimmy Rushing] and guitarist [a=Eddie Durham] (the first guitarist to experiment with proto-amplifiers, in the solo of [i]Band Box Shuffle[/i] in October 1929). The acquisition of all these members of the Blue Devils caused the exodus of long-time Moten Band members [a=Thamon Hayes] and [a=Harlan Leonard], who founded their own ensemble. When Moten hired [a=Ben Webster] and [a=Eddie Barefield] in 1932, the modernization of the band was complete. Later that same year, Moten recorded [i]Moten's Swing[/i], one of the first recordings to use a riff, the foundation of Kansas City jazz. Count Basie took over the band after Moten's death in 1935.

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