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Jackie Bredie

Jackie Bredie

Также известно как: Bredie, J. Bredie, J. M. Bredie, J.Bredie, J.M. Bredie, J.M.Bredie, Jacky Bredie, JB
Группа в интернете: http://www.jackiebredie.com/

Дискография Jackie Bredie:

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Jackie Bredie started singing to support her studies at the theater school in Arnhem (The Netherlands). In 1998 she sang at the opening of the new GelreDome stadium in Arnhem. It was broadcast 'live' on all Dutch TV channels. It reached the Dutch Mega top 100 list for a few months. She performed on events of MTV, Shell, Fuji, RTL, Porsche, LEXUS, Lions Club, VIVA, Esprit, Sony, British Airways, Hugo Boss . She also composed and sang commercials for Mercedes, Linde, Henkel, Deutsche Telekom, Vanish and many others. Besides singing she works as an independent songwriter for different artists/acts all over the world. For U.K. artist Karaja she wrote in 2002 the hit single ´She moves' which reached the top 10 in Spain and had a high position in the charts in most European countries. She also worked as a guest singer on the record Soldiers written by Dave Jackson, songwriter for Michael Jackson's Blame it on the Boogie. In 2003 she sung the soundtrack Volare on Walt Disney's ‘The Lizzy McGuire Movie' which was released in cinemas worldwide. In 2005 she is the guest singer on the project 'Da Hool' performing the song Bow down release February. In 2007 she wrote and sung the presentation song for the new Smart car, together with Jens Hafemann. For LOONA she wrote "Et me voila' in 2008. Jackie Bredie is featured on the popular lounge CD 'Paradise bar'. For Jamba music she sang the olympic song for Spain. In her recordingstudio she worked with many international artists. Jackie Bredie worked with artists like: 'Die Fantastischen Vier', Thomas Anders -Modern Talking- ,DJ Hooligan, DJ Sammy, DJ Fragma, Victor Ark, Karaja, DJ Mark 'Oh, DJ Quicksilver, DJ Abel Almena, HACIENDA, Rudi Carell, Ireen Sheer and many more.

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