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Patrick Wiechmann

Дискография PAD-Trick:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Nexus 6 3 audio iTunes 2005-05-13 Mental Madness
2 Hard Bass / Final Frontier 2 audio iTunes 2008-01-28 Mental Madness White

PAD-Trick is the alias of producer Patrick Wiechmann, well-known for his production work for Ziggy X and DJ Digress. Patrick started his career in 1999. He loved music and playing instruments since his earliest childhood. In 2000, he was one of only two students at his school taking music as a main subject in his final exams (roughly corresponding to A-Levels). About the same time, he started to equip his studio, which until today is mainly furnished with hardware synthesizers. After some time in which he taught himself how everything worked, his first record under the project name “Triple-Seven-Beats” (Drastic Records) was released in 2001, a brilliant trance burner called “Sequence Of Your Mind.” From 2000, Patrick performed this and some other tracks live together with his project partner Dennis Wendt, their biggest show being “X-Mas Hall 2000” in Lüneburg near Hamburg in front of a 4000 people audience. A short time after that, he met Dennis Bohn. Bohn loved Patrick’ s latest production “Human Behaviour” and he signed the track immediately. Together with a second title, “Back From Nowhere”, “Human Behaviour” became Global Bass Players’ first release on Mental Madness Records. “Love Insight” followed just some time later. Then Patrick became DJ Digress’ producer. The DJ Digress single “The Frequency”, produced by Patrick, climbed up to position 3 in the German Dance Charts (DDC). Several remixes for the likes of Kyau vs. Albert, Noémi and 2 Unlimited followed. “Nightsystem“, released by Mental Madness, was the follow-up-single to “Frequency“. The track also became a massive club hit. In September 2004 followed his co-production with Dennis Bohn for the Brooklyn Bounce album “X-Pect the Un-Ex-Pected" (This Is What We Ar). The track was voted best title on the album by far by the fanclub members and it also appeared on the Brooklyn Bounce E.P. which was released a short time later. But his most successful project is Ziggy X. The first Ziggy X single “Bassdusche” was released in December 2002, became an insider hit and was even licensed by EMI. Anyhow, the next three singles “Geschwindigkeitsrausch,” “Thiz Rox” and “X Rulez” were published by Aqualoop Records because neither producer nor artist were willing to let themselves push into a commercial corner by the major label. At the moment, they work on their fifth single. Patrick also works as co-producer and advisor with Sven Montermann aka Sven de Mar, an up-and-coming producer and DJ from Winsen in Northern Germany. Every free minute, Patrick devoted to the work on his own single. With the release of his dancefloor burner “Nexus 6” he fulfilled himself a long time wish because the 1999 original is one of his favourites. In the new version, Patrick’s love for hard beats combined with elaborated melodies is apparent. And this production is most definitely not the last thing you’ll hear from him…

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