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T. Bethel

Todd "Umari" Bethel

Группа в интернете: http://saheerecords.com/page5.html

Дискография T. Bethel:

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Namuh grew up the youngest of four children. He loved to read comic books, play the dozens and at one time considered a career in sociology. However hip-hop had a hold on him. Namuh always envisioned himself as a break-dance artist. But in 1986, after being challenged by a friend, he started writing rhymes. Later he and some friends formed a local rap group. They practiced in the basement and received mad props from the community as well as other local crews. Unfortunately this group was short lived. In 1988 Namuh formed another group. The Grassroot People, as they were originally called, focused on promoting positive lyrics. Through the years the GP’s faced many trials and tribulations. By 1991, due to inner-homie strife, Namuh found himself as the last Grassroot artist standing. Alone and determined, Namuh set out to rebuild the organization he worked so hard to create. In 1992 he met Usephasan through a mutual friend. The two immediately hit it off and decided to form a group, The Grassroot Caliphas. The Grassroot Caliphas created a tremendous underground buzz with their hit single “Schizms”. Unfortunately, due to the great distance that separated them, the two were unable to build upon their partnership. Namuh continued to work on his skills by producing tracks for local acts and selling beats to up-and-coming artist. In 2003, after being continuously frustrated by mainstream hip-hop, Namuh decided it was time to start his own record label. He wanted to produce artist who were skilled and felt a conscious commitment to self as well as community. In 2005, after a long verbal hiatus, Namuh is scheduled to release “Learning to Rise and Fall".

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