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Dick Farney

Farnésio Dutra e Silva

Также известно как: Dick, Dick Farney E Seu Quarteto, Dick Farney E Seu Quarteto De Jazz, Dick Farney E Sua Orchestra, Dick Farney Trio

Дискография Dick Farney:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Especial 30 Sucessos 30 audio iTunes 1987 Odeon
2 Penumbra Romance 12 audio iTunes 1972 London Records
3 Fine Thing! 2 audio iTunes 1947 Majestic
4 Dick Farney: Piano Orquestra: Gaya 10 audio iTunes 1967 Elenco
5 Concerto De Jazz (Ao Vivo) 7 audio iTunes 1973 London Records
6 O Cantor, O Pianista E O Diretor De Orquestra 10 audio iTunes 1979 RGE Discos
7 Aeromoça 3 audio iTunes 1976 Emi
8 Dick Farney 12 audio iTunes 1978 EMI Odeon
9 Noite 9 audio iTunes 1981 Som Da Gente
10 Tereza Da Praia 4 audio iTunes 1972 London Globe Records
11 5 Añoz De Jazz 6 audio iTunes 1977 London Records
12 Jam Session Das Folhas 9 audio iTunes 1961 RGE
13 J.A.M. (Jazz After Midnight) 7 audio iTunes 1956 Columbia
14 Meia-Noite Em Copacabana Com Dick Farney 12 audio iTunes 1956 Polydor
15 Dick Farney Jazz 7 audio iTunes 1962 RGE
16 Tudo Isto É Amor Vol. 2 11 audio iTunes 1977 Odeon
17 Um Piano Ao Cair Da Tarde Nº 2 12 audio iTunes 1975 Odeon
18 Ao Vivo: A Arte Do Espetáculo 18 audio iTunes 1992 RGE
19 Dick Farney E Seu Quinteto 8 audio iTunes 1954 Continental (3)
20 Tudo Isto É Amor 11 audio iTunes 1976 EMI-Odeon Fonográfica, Industrial e Eletrônica Ltda.
21 America's Favorite Songs By George Gershwin 8 audio iTunes Varsity

Dick Farney, stage name of Farnese Dutra e Silva (November 14, 1921 - August 4, 1987) was a Brazilian singer, pianist and composer. He began playing piano as a child, when he learned classical music with his father and mother taught him while singing. In 1937 he debuted as a singer in the youth radio program "Hora Juvenil" at Cruzeiro do Sul radio station, in Rio de Janeiro. When performed the song "Deep Purple" (composed by David Rose), was taken by Cesar Ladeira to radio Mayrink Veiga, going to present the program Dick Farney, The Voice And The Piano. The group "Os Swing Maníacos" formed by Dick, had his brother Cyll Farney, (drums), accompanied Edu da Gaita on recording the music "Canção da India", of the Russian composer Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908). From 1941 to 1944, was crooner of the Carlos Machado orchestra at the Cassino da Urca, in the days when gambling was allowed in Brazil. In 1946 he was invited to go to the United States after the meeting with the arranger Bill Hitchcock and the pianist Eddie Duchin, at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. Did presentations on NBC radio for two months. In 1948 he successfully presented at the carioca club Vogue. In the year 1959 was the TV show - Dick Farney Show, Record TV - Channel 7 São Paulo. Formed his own orchestra at 1960. In 1965 at the newly opened TV Globo - Channel 4, Rio de Janeiro, presented by Betty Faria and Dick Farney, the TV show Dick and Betty. Gogô was his piano accompanist from 1977 to 1987. He has owned the clubs Farney's and Farney's Inn, both in São Paulo. In 1971 formed a trio with Sabá. From 1973 to 1978 he played piano and sang at the nightclub Chez Régine in Rio.

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