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Также известно как: M & G, M. & G.
Члены группы M&G: Co-G

Дискография M&G:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Asalt Raggafonic 18 audio iTunes 2004-12-17
2 Ascultă Și Dă-i Mai Departe 13 audio iTunes 1997 Kromm Studio
3 ...Așa Ne Place 6 audio iTunes 1999 A&A Records
4 ...Așa Ne Place 6 audio iTunes 1999 A&A Records

Bucharest-based group M&G were amogst the first hip hop artists in Romania in the early 1990s. Founded in Pantelimon in 1992, by brothers Marian "Mari" Codreanu and Gabriel "[a=Co-G]" Codreanu, they were known for their affiliation with gangsta rap pioneers [a=B.U.G. Mafia], who were from the same neighbourhood. They released their debut album in 1995 and, after appearing on [a=B.U.G. Mafia]'s sixth studio album, "Dupa blocuri" (In The Projects) in 2000, they signed with Casa Productions, Mafia's then-newly founded hip hop label, in 2001, turning to raggamuffin dancehall instead of hip hop. Produced by [a=Tataee], their fourth album was called "Asalt raggafonic" (Raggafonic Assault) and won them a handful of musical awards in 2004, when it was released.

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