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Kiko C. Esseiva

Также известно как: Kiko
Группа в интернете: http://tiltrecordings.org/kiko_esseiva.htm, http://www.hinterzimmer-records.com/artists/kiko-c-esseiva.html

Дискография Kiko C. Esseiva:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Musiques Pour Haut-Parleurs 9 audio iTunes 2004 Manufracture
2 Improvisations/Bricolages I-IV 4 audio iTunes 2007 1000+1 TiLt
3 Sous Les Etoiles 10 audio iTunes 2008-03-01 Hinterzimmer
4 Concert À L'Oblò 3 audio iTunes 2009-05-00 Echomusic
5 Standard De Luxe 2 audio iTunes 2010-11-26 Not On Label
6 Untitled 4 audio iTunes 2010-10-12 Neus-318
7 Parcours Fléché 4 audio iTunes 2012 Masters Chemical Society
8 Résistance À L'Étau 4 audio iTunes 2012 Kukuruku Recordings
9 WHNZ​:​60​:​TOURUA 7 audio iTunes 2013-05-14 We Have No Zen!
10 Déclics Pour Un Nouveau Jour 4 audio iTunes 2013 Not On Label
11 2 Téléphones Hybrides & 1 Réverbération Hors Service 2 audio iTunes 2013 Not On Label
12 Un Cycle Hors Saison 3 audio iTunes 2013 Not On Label
13 Focus On Nothing On Focus 2 audio iTunes 2013 Aussenraum Records
14 Focus On Nothing On Focus / The Gift 6 audio iTunes 2013 Aussenraum Records

Kiko C. Esseiva is a composer with Swiss and Spanish roots. Using diversified atmospheres which combine acoustic instruments, noise, human voices, field recordings and static sheets of sound with a stunning freshness and musicality, he creates electroacoustic sound pieces that are warm, non-academic and colorful, spreading a humanity and richness. According to the title of his first album Musiques pour haut-parleurs (music for loudspeakers) his live shows are adventurous installations of amps in different sizes and qualities, that are all separately controlled by Esseiva at the mixing desk, making his compositions even more transparent, vital and expanded.

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