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No Human Day

Члены группы No Human Day: Alexander Skubic, Cordell Klier
Группа в интернете: http://www.doctsect.com

Дискография No Human Day:

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Member: Cordell Klier Alexander Skubic Sir Winsten Denehey Apocalyptic Noisey Sympho-Industrial with massive percussion focussing on emptiness & wastelands. This project was started in 1994 by Alexandar Skubic (also in Vedisni, Helaxqom, and The Act of Principle). Cordell Klier joined in 1995. After two miniCDRs on Doctrine Insectvas, and one tape release on Dark Infintry, No Human Day released the "one" & "two" miniCDrs together thru DOCTSECT entitled "the sword, the flesh". In the spring of 2002 No Human Day disbanded. All member still remain active in music today.

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