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Carmen Amaya

Также известно как: Amaya

Дискография Carmen Amaya:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 La Tana / Fandangos 2 audio iTunes 1964 Odeon
2 Grandes Figures Du Flamenco Volume 6 15 audio iTunes 1988 Le Chant Du Monde
3 Grandes Figures Du Flamenco Volume 6 15 audio iTunes 1988 Le Chant Du Monde
4 Flamenco! 10 audio iTunes 1958-04-00 Brunswick
5 Maria De La O / Fandangos / Mi Mare La Tana 3 audio iTunes 1964 Odeon
6 Flamenco 10 audio iTunes 2010-10-25 Calé Records
7 El Ritmo De Carmen Amaya 4 audio iTunes 1963 Brunswick
8 Flamenco! 10 audio iTunes 1958 Decca
9 Spanien Tanzt 11 audio iTunes Varieton
10 El Clasico Flamenco De Carmen Amaya 4 audio iTunes 1972 Disco Sorpresa Fundador
11 Furia ! 9 audio iTunes 1965 Brunswick
12 Carmen Amaya Et Sa Compagnie 3 audio iTunes Polydor

She was born in Barcelona in 1913. Of gypsy blood, she made her debut accompanied by her father, the flamenco guitarist José Amaya 'el Chino' in the Teatro Español Theatre in Barcelona when she was only four years old. From that time on she began to earn a living dancing in bars and taverns. In 1929, together with her aunt Juana 'la Faraona' and her cousin María, she set up the Trío Amaya, with which she performed in Paris. From 1935 she embarked on several tours of all the main American and European venues. She performed in various theatres in Madrid, including the Coliseum and La Zarzuela theatre, in shows by other artists such as Concha Piquer. Her skill was also immortalised in films such as 'Los Tarantos' (Alfredo Mañas, 1962). She died in Bagur (Girona) in 1963.

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