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Gerri Sutyak

Geraldine Sutyak

Также известно как: Geri Stuyak, Geri Sutyak, Gerri Stuyak, Gerry Sutyak, Jerri Sutyak

Дискография Gerri Sutyak:

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Gerri Sutyak was a cellist for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for 34 years. As a soloist, she performed several times with the orchestra, most recently in 1997. She also performed with the CSO Chamber Players and the Visions Piano Quartet, and in [i]Rags[/i] and [i]All That Jazz[/i] for the CSO Area Artist Series. Mrs. Sutyak joined the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in 1969 under music director Max Rudolf. Before coming to Cincinnati, she was principal cellist of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, the American Ballet Theatre, Minneapolis Pops and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. She spent seven years in the Minneapolis Symphony (now the Minnesota Orchestra) as cellist and pianist. A native of Liberal, Kansas, Mrs. Sutyak grew up in El Dorado, near Wichita. She was a piano prodigy from age 4 and played concerts in a five-state area until age 14, when she discovered the cello. She graduated in cello and piano from Wichita State University. Following college, she joined the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, where she met her husband, Michael Sutyak, a clarinetist. Gerri Sutyak died of cancer in 2003 at the age of 67. She appeared on numerous recordings as a guest cellist, often credited as Geri, Gerri, or Gerry Sutyak.

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