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Группа в интернете: http://www.systematek.org, http://soundcloud.com/falcom-systematek

Дискография Falcom:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Le Systematek 04 4 audio iTunes 2004 Systematek
2 Le Systematek 01 4 audio iTunes 2003 Systematek
3 Le Systematek 02 4 audio iTunes 2003 Systematek
4 Le Systematek 03 3 audio iTunes 2004 Systematek
5 Hypnotik 06 4 audio iTunes 2010-02-20 Hypnotik
6 Systematek SX1 2 audio iTunes 2009 Systematek
7 Systematek SX2 3 audio iTunes 2009 Systematek
8 Systematek SX3 4 audio iTunes 2010 Systematek
9 Le Systematek 01 4 audio iTunes 2010
10 Nothing EP 4 audio iTunes 2014-04-14 Crosslink Music

Techno Dj since 1996, i discovered Tekno in 1998 during the 1st "fuck techno parade" in Paris. Since, i turned myself to freeparty culture and spirit, developping it in Alsace (East France). After 3 years giving sound to the people, the alternative little sound systeme "Systematek" started in 2002. 8 years after, the sound system return to real hidden approach. In 2002, after 6 years of recording mixsets, our car was visited during a journey, then i lost every mix i done. Then i stoped to record myself, saying to people who wanted some mixtapes: if you want to listen, come in our parties". Between 2000 & 2005, i made some tracks on computer (fruityloops & vst), then i made a little auto-production, inviting some friends to join, to make their first opus, as Arkam & Floxytek. 2011.. turning myself to analog liveset, wainting for a good sequencor since 8 years ! Freetekno is my life, Techno is my religion RAVE ON

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