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J. Robbins

Также известно как: J Robbins, J., J. "Jangle" Robbins, J. "Modest Spice" Robbins, J. "The Undertaker" Robbins, J.Robbins, J.Robins, J; Robbins, James Robbins, Jay, Jay Robbins, Robbins
Группа в интернете: http://www.jrobbins.net/

Дискография J. Robbins:

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J. Robbins began his musical career playing bass in the final incarnation of Washington, DC hardcore punk legends [a=Government Issue]. Following GI's break, he formed [a=Jawbox], where he played guitar and sang. After Jawbox came the fairly short-lived [a=Burning Airlines]. He later formed [a=Channels] with his wife, [a=Janet Morgan]. These days, J. spends most of his time as an in-demand producer and engineer and plays bass for the politically charged combo [a=Report Suspicious Activity].

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