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Pavel Vasicek

Группа в интернете: http://exwired.org/ambitech, http://www.myspace.com/ambitech, http://www.idj.cz/ambitech

Дискография Ambitech:

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His name is Pavel Vašíček and was born in Brno in 1980. About the year 1998 he started to recover and produce dance music. At that time it was especcialy hard techno production as Mr. Finch. Since that time he went through many Live concerts around Czech republic and Slovakia and made a few tracks for Magazine CD's. Nowadays he works in the Kiss radio as a sound producer. Here he meets with a lot of new processes how to make a music. He had also a few interviews in Magazines and servers. At that time he was under label exwired.org. Now he is closed in studio and makes a new music in the minimal/deep techno/elektro/hause style. BPM around 128.

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