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Balca Tözün

Группа в интернете: http://fun-factory.euweb.cz/bio/balja.html

Дискография Balca:

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Balca started off her music career when she was 14 years old with Toni, Steve, and Rod. In 1993, when Balca was only 17 years old, she had joined Toni, Steve, and Rod in the formation now known as Fun Factory. Balca appears only in one music video titled Groove Me. Due to a disagreement, Balca separated from the group, but still remained in the shadows. Because she was under a contract, she still had to continue singing for them. Although she was replaced by a French diva Marie-Anett Mey, Balca was the voice of Fun Factory. Often credited as Balja, her real name is Balca. According to sources, Balca was not even paid for singing these Fun Factory songs. She is mentioned on all of the Fun Factory albums that were released, usually thanked by Marie-Anett herself. On the first FF album Close To You, Balca is briefly mentioned as Balja: "Marie has now replaced Balja who is featured on several tracks," even though Balca is the actual singer. In 1994, during the Fun Factory years, FF producer Toni Cottura had side projects. 2 Raff was one of them. The resemblance of the singer's voice is very close to Balca's. It is very possible that Balca sang in 2 Raff. Toni can be heard rapping in their only song Don't Stop The Music, although the video shows very different people. During this year, Toni also had another side project - Darkness. It was rumored that Marie-Anett was the real voice, yet on the sleeve of the cover it mentioned Cassandra as the singer. Comparing the voice of Darkness as well, it will very likely that Balca might have been the singer for Darkness as well. In 2004, Balca appeared back on the dance scene with a brand new song titled Lost Without U (featuring Rico Fernandez), which was in fact co-written by Steve Browarczyk. This song was released on Future Trance Vol. 30. 2007: Toni Cottura himself mentioned that Balca should be coming out with a solo album sometime this year. She has recorded a song titled Stop Playin' Tricks this year, and her FF-Style album will be produced under Toni Cottura [the creator of FF] himself. 2008: Balca has unofficially released 12 brand new songs (listed on the bottom of this page) that can be heard on her MySpace and YouTube account. Also a big update for fans of the original Fun Factory. On December 20th, 2008 Toni Cottura updated his official website that Fun Factory is coming back with the original singer Balca! So far 8 tracks have been finished, and they will be in the mix style of EuroDance, new pop, and raggae. The new album should be coming out in the following year 2009. Also this year, Balca has paired up with Vali Craciunescu to record a song Surrender for the Eurovision 2009 contest. Unfortunately, her song did not qualify. Four of the Balca's songs (I Hate You, Sexy Shit, Am I That, I Like It Like That) ended up on Corina's solo album titled Gimme Your Love, and the songs feature Toni Cottura himself. These songs are very slightly different from Balca's demo versions. In 2010, a Turkish pop group Hepsi, received Balca's song Cirkin Adam (in English "Ugly Man"), which became one of the group's songs on their brand new album this year. On May 1st, an American-Greek singer Kalomira has officially released Balca's demo song titled Please Don't Break My Heart. Also Corina's brand new 2010 single is I Like It Like That that was previously recorded by Balca. Balca has made few more demos for some brand new songs (All I Have, Bestfriend, Can't Help Fallin' In Love, and Shut Up). The song Shut Up was given to Fun Factory 3rd Generation, who sang it in November 2009, for the We Love The 90's - Part II concert in Germany. In October, Balca agreed to do an interview with Tavi.

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