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Top One

Paweł Kucharski, Dariusz Zwierzchowski, Robert Gołaszewski

Также известно как: Top-One
Члены группы Top One: Dariusz Królak, Dariusz Zwierzchowski, Emil Jeleń, Maciej Jamroz, Mariusz Lubowiecki, Paweł Kucharski, Robert Gołaszewski, Sylwester Raciborski
Группа в интернете: http://www.topone.pl, http://www.clubone.art.pl/

Дискография Top One:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Poland! Disco No.2 9 audio iTunes 1991 Caston
2 "No Disco" No 1 10 audio iTunes 1990 Caston
3 Cios Za Cios 11 audio iTunes 1992
4 Coraz Wyżej 10 audio iTunes 1992 Bass Records (Poland)
5 Wstań I Walcz 10 audio iTunes 1993 Studio J&J
6 Hello! 13 audio iTunes 2006 Magic Records
7 Coraz Wyżej 10 audio iTunes 1992 Bass Records (Poland)
8 "No Disco" No.1 10 audio iTunes 1990 Caston
9 Białe Misie I...!!! 2000 12 audio iTunes 2000 Music Ton
10 Coraz Wyżej 10 audio iTunes 1992 Bass Records (Poland)
11 No Disco No.1 11 audio iTunes 1990 Caston
12 Rock'n Dance 9 audio iTunes 1993 Caston
13 Dzieci Europy 10 audio iTunes 1995 ESKA Records
14 Freedom 11 audio iTunes 1995 Caston
15 The Best Of 1989-1999 12 audio iTunes 1999 Pro Dance
16 The Best Oryginal Vol. 1 16 audio iTunes 2002 Polgram Plus
17 Wstań I Walcz 11 audio iTunes 1993 Caston
18 Poland! Disco No.2 9 audio iTunes 1991 Caston
19 No Disco No.1 10 audio iTunes 1991 MANO
20 Lśnienie Gwiazd 12 audio iTunes 2001 Polgram Plus
21 Zostawcie Titanica 2 audio iTunes Magic Records
22 Cios Za Cios 11 audio iTunes 1992
23 Poland! Disco No.2 8 audio iTunes 1990 Not On Label
24 No Disco No.1 10 audio iTunes 1990 Polmark
25 Rock'n Dance 8 audio iTunes 1993 Caston
26 The Best Of 1989-1999 12 audio iTunes 1999 Pro Dance

Top -One team is already almost about 20 years old! There is no doubt that Paul Kucharski & Company is the oldest group of disco in Poland. Throughout the whole period of existence around the team has really a lot , as evidenced by the following text. This story has been constantly modified and updated regularly , in any event, the team aims to comprehensively as possible to submit their fate , and they were really sometimes very complicated. Anyway , read alone ... Team Top -One burst on the music market in the spring of 1989, his dating , however, for 1986 . At that time, five young people - New Year's Eve RACIBORSKI , Paul Kucharski , Mariusz Lubowiecki , Robert Kostrzębski and Maciej Jamroz decided to start a band . Wandering through various cultural centers dreamed of the big stage , and were limited only to amateur music-making for their own pleasure . It lasted a total of three years . Throughout this period they managed to achieve several awards and successes very valuable and support for the spirit of the music, but certainly not much significant for professionals at the peak of fame. The constant attempts (mainly in the Company House of Culture " Ursus ", which for a long time became a kind of haven for young musicians ) made ​​the band took on more and more skills and mannerism entertainer , and their music took on more and more professional sound. So Rose aspirations to professionalism and dreams of the big stage increasingly become the subject of serious discussions in the team, whose theme was " life of music." But not everyone shared this idea is also there have been some personnel changes . With performances in the band opted singer Sylvester RACIBORSKI and one of the keyboardists - Robert Kostrzębski . The first one replaces the former guitarist and de facto founder of the band - Paul Kucharski, while the second Dariusz Krolak . Soon after, the band decided to be his own , set aside money to try their hand at a recording studio . In October 1988 , in the " Izabelin Studio " Top -One recorded their first songs - " Ciao Italia ", "Once ", " illusion of truth" and " Confessions of a friend." Maciek Jamroz , who took up the role of group manager tried to interest the recorded number of people in the music industry . Unfortunately , almost no one actually tolerate disco music . Only Bogdan Fabianski , known presenter of radio and disco decided to help the young and ambitious musicians , presenting works team aired its program , which as it turned out odniosło wide discrepancy among the listeners . The next useful step was to contact Fabian team with a well-known writer - Janusz Kondratowicz , who liked the song " Ciao Italia " . So he wrote to the new text , and arranged a recording session in a professional studio S-4 in the building of TVP in Warsaw , under the tutelage of the irreplaceable sound engineer Rafal Paczkowski . So the band Top -One began his first professional experience platform . " Ciao Italia " beat all records of popularity in his western sound so popular in Europe style Italo Disco , and has been hailed as " hit of summer '89 " in a poll of the magazine " Rhythm " . In the meantime, the boys received a very attractive offer to participate in a tour through Poland and the USSR of the biggest stars of music Italo Disco - Savage , Ice MC , Fred Ventura and Vanessa . It was their first major , PA " wipe ", which was a positive result and conclusion incredible popularity of interesting knowledge . After returning the boys quickly went to work on his debut album , which they called later perversely " No Disco ! " where in addition to " Ciao Italia " included such subsequent hits as " Fred Kruger ", " will go to the top" , " Puerto Rico " or recorded with the new text " illusion of truth" . The great curiosity about this CD is the fact that in the recordings featuring attended John Borysewicz , founder and leader of the band Lady Pank , who recorded guitar parts for several songs. Sam contract with Polmark proved to be very fruitful , as the cassette spread very fast and dizzying amounts. Since that time, the name Top -One crept into the life of an ever-increasing number of fans . However, this was not yet the peak of popularity . It was only the second album , " Poland Disco no.2 " brought the band unprecedented popularity, when the entire Polish sang " Santa Maria ", " white bear " or "Nice mine." The team's objective by recording these songs was the desire to give back to my parents for understanding and help in the pursuit of his dream to what he says in the dedication of that tape. In addition, it was known that they were known to all Poles songs sung repeatedly for years bivouacs with a guitar or at the peace table. They were just our Polish folk songs and the boys as they say : "The Americans have their country and it is not wise ashamed of it , so why can not we ... " . Cassette " Poland Disco " has become a phenomenon on the market and sold at a rate of about 6 million copies ! Unfortunately , flourished by leaps and bounds the pirate industry , which accounted for more of the cartridges sold , while officially Polmark company managed to sell only 300 thousand . copies. Nevertheless consolation for the team was a huge publicity around it and since then millions of Poles knew the password Top - One not only in the country but also in the USA. This has resulted in leaving the group for a concert in New York and Chicago, where they gave about 50 of the concerts , mostly in clubs Polonia . In the United States, in his spare time preparing new material for the next album. It is also worth mentioning that shortly after the release of the album " Poland Disco no.2 " appeared two more cassettes team Top -One. The first of these was entitled "Once ... " . These were just the first studio recordings of the team. The boys decided that they will give this album to show what their origins , as indicated , moreover, the inscription on the cover of the cassette : " Yes , we played at the beginning ." The second of them was titled " Remix '91 " . There was nothing else like the songs from the album " No Disco no.1 ", but in a much more modern arrangements and maxi versions . These remixes created the same Rafal Paczkowski , currently the best sound engineer in Poland. After returning from the U.S. boys tied up now with a new record company , D'Art Corporation , spending almost immediately after a two albums - "Getting up " with hits " My weekday ", " Increasingly, the above " and "Serial evil" , and almost 100% English-speaking " blow for blow", which was kept in the convention Rap / House. The first album , though not repeated the success of " Poland Disco " also enjoyed great success , which resulted in gold record . The second is therefore matches the style of the older (and later , as it turned out also and above ) tracks Top -One , was almost unnoticed by both fans and critics. It is worth noting that on this second album (first only in the title track - " More and above " ) as the rapper performed Maciej Jamroz , drummer (interestingly - Paul Kucharski only sang the title song - " blow for blow" ) . Even before the release of these two albums in the band , there was another reshuffling of personnel . Mariusz Lubowiecki decided to leave the band and his place for keys Zwierzchowski took Darius , who had previously helped the guys with the implementation of the album "I used to ... " and " Poland Disco no2 " . Top -One left at this point of style , called " chodnikowym " and that shortly afterwards gained the name " Disco " , played by countless numbers of good and bad teams. The team has never limited his opportunities and still looking for a new and more modern music solutions . Boys never liked " pigeonholed " in the appropriate style . Just as they say : " We play always what is on time." The period of two years, he was a very fruitful and interesting in the event. Starring in Opole , where he solemnly honored the aforementioned gold record . They took part in his own recital registered by TV Krakow, later often aired on TVP . They were also appointed as the Team of the Year '92 was to give another Gold Record " for the most popular team in discos " . It is no coincidence , as the band played at that time about 400 concerts ! Heyday , however, passed over the slow and Top -One could not repeat the success of previous years. Team members explain that even the plague Disco Polo , from which they were far ahead , going into mainstream dance music , hence not performed to music so light and easy , and one that is still unknown in Poland . Not losing hope for the return of the heyday , recorded on. And so was created the next album , "Get up and fight ," whose title is not accidental , and referring to the mood of the team. The album includes such songs as the title , "Get up and fight ," and " I sing and play ." The cassette also, unfortunately, did not enjoy too much popularity, but this time the reason was too little advertising, the inability to present in the media and market saturation huge amount of music titles highly varied music , especially music from the genre Disco . It was not until the next cassette due to a good and original idea was able to refresh the memories of Top -One. The idea was to arrange for the old -style Dance , Polish rock hits . This album took the name " Rock n ' dance ', and were on the classics such as" Experience it yourself " ," Less Than Zero ", " Sweet , have a nice life. " On this album two songs ( " I'm tired " and " You are my sin " ) sang Kasia Lesing , who earlier gave to the team as a chorus girl . Many music lovers to dance really appealed to rock hits, which today can be seen at concerts , the band sometimes comes back to those tracks . As mentioned earlier , Top -One likes to surprise his fans various innovations , introducing surprising elements into his work . Therefore, on the next album - " Children of Europe " introduced to the melodic elements of rap songs performed by dark-skinned Frank Evans of Ghana. His vocals performed in a very original way , combining English language with its national language , resulting in a surprising mix of European climates of Africa. The record between other songs such as "Golden Yokohama " and " Fight for me ", well-known patrons especially discos. However, cooperation with Frank Top -One did not last too long , because he decided to pursue a solo career , as Mr. . Ghana . There is , however, influenced the fate of the Top- One, as took place Frank Daniel Osafo Owar , the Ghanaian , who used the pseudonym today " Calabash " . Daniel , in contrast to Frank's turned out to be a real showman of the African soul of a true artist . The period following the recording of " Children of Europe " turned out for the team Top -One 's most groundbreaking throughout his career , because if it was , there was another , perhaps the most important personnel change in the band. Maciek Jamroz - drummer and manager , left the band , and the other members , that Paul Kucharski , Dariusz Dariusz Zwierzchowski Krolak and founded their own record company - " Pro Dance ", which had the task of not only attending to the interests of the Top -One , but also allow the start many talented musicians playing music Disco Dance , recording and promoting their work . Then in his stables were under his care 12 teams (including D. Bomb , K. Martin , F / X) . The fourth partner in the company is young and canny businessman from outside the music industry - Waclaw Wrobel, who immediately supported the idea of ​​creating such a company . He therefore necessary capital needed to run the entire project . The first step was to issue a band's next album Fri " Freedom ," which in English means " freedom " . Not by accident as it was called , because the boys pulling out more zaniedbującego business unit manager ( Maciek Jamroz outside the Top -One then performed in a band founded by himself Jamrose ) , for the first time to fully decide on their own fate . Only this tape in the opinion of the members of the team sounded like themselves zamierzyli , due to a complete change of instrumentation , which allowed to obtain wording does not deviate from the western production and to keep in mind - unlimited creative freedom and personal . Some recipients , faithfully tracking discography of the band ask the question why the cassette Freedom included 4 songs from the previous - " Children of Europe ," although the new arrangements . In response, the boys claim that they were the best songs from that album , but due to its poor advertising , they should not completely go into oblivion . I actually found it a good move , because such songs , " Children of Europe ", "Golden Yokohama " and " Fight for Me " made ​​a deep impression on the audience to the delight of the team. Although new versions of old songs there were 6 other new songs worthy of attention , which were approved not only among fans and lovers of the band, but also openly talked about her in circles presenters of dance music . Such songs as " The King and the Beggar ", " Great course ", " Forbidden City " or " Blood and Sand ", is happy to have been played by DJs in discos all over the country , and the song " Cruise around the Life " was on the top where the list of " Top 30 Dance Charts " and the statement " Polish Dance " in the magazine " Bravo " . All the then assembly steps , however, were only the " calm before the storm ", which soon made ​​itself felt . Namely, the team reported to the Obama campaign , Aleksander Kwasniewski with the order to write a song in a kind of hymn leading candidate for the seat of the President of the Republic of Poland , with the stipulation that it was to be hit , which moves the entire country. The result was the song " Ole Olek ." The team fully geared apolitical but accepted the offer , realizing that there is a chance for incredible so far the advertising team . They realized that, surely lose a fan base , and even will acquire enemies , not uninteresting to their music , but also were convinced that those most faithful to remain faithful , and certainly no small number of them will increase. And indeed it did. The song " Ole , Olek ! " nuciło several million Poles , and its ranking on the charts of the Disco Relax for several weeks remained in the top positions . Many to this day believes that this move allowed the team to beat a huge fortune , not seeing quite as it was in reality. The truth is that the team did not receive even the proverbial penny for this service , to the immense surprise of many interested anyway . Soon after the end of the election campaign , the team got a very lucrative proposal to play a concert in Greece for the local Polish community. It was a very prestigious award due to the fact that the concert was held in a huge hall filled to the brim , with the participation of Polish stars biggest format and any musical genre . Was attended by , amongst others, Krzysztof Krawczyk , Christine Prońko , Halina Frackowiak and others. After returning , following the blow , boys, after already passing phase like crazy on the song " Ole Olek ! " not resting on its laurels , recording another song " Jungle Girl ", which also quickly took the high positions in the Disco Relax , remaining there for several weeks. The song was to be the harbinger of a new album Top -One , which originally was to adopt the name " Love" , as the members of the group came to the conclusion that the titles : " No Disco ", " Increasingly, the above ", " Stand up and fight ," or " children of Europe " finally time to love, which is what most beautiful , what brings people together . But it turned out quite differently. " Jungle Girl " was not included in the announced , the next album , and was placed only on the compilation of one of the Polish record companies . This was , among other things , so that team members began to run out of time at work and more time was needed for the rectification of problems arising from the conduct of the company and any plans for new material gone into the background . It is a further period of nostalgia in the team, but by all means it had to be discontinued. So again, there has been a change . Now the company " Pro Dance " left Paul, who came to the conclusion that it is not possible to reconcile the role of a businessman with a reliable performance of functions of the composer and lead singer , in which you must put more and more work to become a more and more perfect and more professional. A similar conclusion was reached by Darek Zwierzchowski and although not giving up współprowadzenia company, has decided to meet the demands and continue to develop their passion for making music and joined Paul over the work of the new material . Darek Królak unfortunately isolated himself completely , putting all his strength for the company. So ran the third of the brain , which could probably bring in a lot of creative work on new material , but as it turned out it was not necessary . Darek and Paul tried to , in order to create another thoughtful and standing on a high level of material . He took on the title " Ye , O! " and featured songs previously planned for the album " Love" , slightly rearranged , as well as completely new , freshly composed . Thus, the title of " Love" turned into " Ye , O ! " , Mainly due to the leading song of the same title , which was composed and orchestrated in the fashionable style , which has performed band Backstreet Boys . Surprisingly, the song enjoyed considerable success , attributable to the tastes of different spheres of customers. Certainly a large extent has become so because of a very professional shots for the video , which was recorded in Nice , France. Cassette " Ye , O! " was even seen by some as the best production of Poland , close to the western sound . Unfortunately, in this case, the promotion also turned out to be a dud and in addition the publisher of this material - Omega Music, has not issued a CD , which greatly upset many collectors discography Top -One. The reason was probably too low, the planned profit , and thus within the meaning of the publisher no sense to worry about it my head . Thus, a " Ye , O! " quickly went into oblivion . Then came the long-term period of nothingness , with respect to subsequent releases Top -One. The band kind of froze its activities - did not create and did not play gigs , so it's time for men's decisions in order to make any steps to the memory of the band did not disappear . However, in the meantime Top -One has been invited on a tour of Australia to play concerts in major cities in this great country. There, he gave the team a total of 8 gigs in local clubs Polonia . Stay in Australia and concerts boys define as without a doubt the best event in the history of all the band's career . It was an amazing experience , as telling . A completely different world , like a small paradise on Earth. Incredibly friendly and spontaneous people who are willing to do anything for others . In addition, the supplement in the whole trip a former one night in Bangkok on the route Warsaw - Australia , which the boys did not have slept at the hotel and enjoyed the charms of the city and local culture in the rhythm of the famous song " One Night In Bangkok " . After returning from travels , when you had to go down to the ground, it turned out that there is less time to create music , due to the other activities of team members . I just had to think about how to earn bread . It was created so the idea of ​​publishing the " The Best Of ", as it was already plenty to choose from and it is high time for this moment . It was created so the disc and cassette under this title , containing the largest , original hits from the entire period of business team in new and sometimes surprising versions. During this time, the company Pro Dance not fared best, and Darius , and Darius Królak Zwierzchowski the only owners of lost common language and began to misunderstandings way of doing business . Away was from Paul , as it not being a long time partner of Pro Dance , did not want to mix business affairs with the interests of the team. He tried to enter the agreement on the team , and differentiate between what is true of the company , and what applies to the team. Unfortunately, those efforts failed and the atmosphere in the band has become unbearable. The result was a complete flop regarding the sale of "The Best Of ", mainly because of the severe shortcomings of the Dark Królak because he failed to ensure the promotion and the final parting with Pro Dance Dark Zwierzchowski , seriously affected the continued existence of the company . So there was another breakthrough , as it turned out the change in the band. Well Dariusz Krolak , who was completely absorbed by the ailing company Pro Dance , becoming the completely unproductive in terms of creative , be removed from the team. So Top -One turned into a duo : Paul Kucharski and Dariusz Zwierzchowski . However, it was not a big problem , because the band of survivors , those who always gave the greatest character and style of songs Top -One. In the end, it's time to think about new material. During one of the concerts , when at the insistence of the organizer , the band played a few hits from the album " Poland Disco " audience even crazy ! So the boys came to the simple conclusion that they just need it. There was a rapid mobilization and re-record the hits from that album, with the addition of well-known hits of bands Papa Dance and Bolter and Baltimora and FR David. Board took the name "White bears i .. !" . It was a hit ! The disc and cassette released by MusicTon , sold like hot cakes . At this point, the group was expanded by two people : dancers Catherine Gibson and Catherine Krupa . This is precisely what has taken the form of Top -One in 2000. There have a lot of concerts in Poland and Germany. New male- female quartet really to the liking of the participants shows Top -One. Both Cashier great ubarwiły choreographed performances , and the boys played and sang at their side . Recorded video for the song "Nice mine" , derived from the latest album beat all records in the charts of the Disco Relax . Starting from May to October 2000 was ranked in first place in the competition " Hit of the Month" program Disco Relax, and the outcome of the vote has always depended on the sheets submitted by viewers. Then, gradually decreasing in popularity at the moment of the emergence of new songs at the Disco Relax, but so for many months "nice my " kept in the top ten among the 30 items . It should also be mentioned here that the second broadcast on the air Disco Relax song " Santa Maria " , though a little less popular , always landed far behind the first one . During the concert , the band took place mainly during the holiday season , Paul happened to unpleasant thing. Well, at the end of August 2000 he fell ill suddenly jaundice , fortunately for the lightest , but I had to spend a month in the hospital and all the September concerts had to be canceled . After a month of treatment and rehabilitation , Paul returned to health , and from October to the end of the season Top -One further held concerts . When describing the album " White bears i .. !" can not be overlooked topic of piracy , which still continues in our country is doing well , and for now there is no effective way . Suddenly , like mushrooms after the rain , there is a completely different issue containing lyrics Top -One , but the old versions, and thus have nothing to do with those currently being promoted . Contributed to this include former member of the band - Darius Krolak , who , thinking that was wrong was ousted from the band , remaining strength of his almost non-existent company Pro- Dance , made ​​with various boards to create material Fri : "Top- One - Greatest Hits " and put it on the market, without the agreement of the other co-authors of songs Top -One. Just released a record, took home a certain amount from the sale and stopped her only for himself , treating it unless , as so . " odprawkę " . Well, it's hard to say , because usually it is when someone hard to napracuje , it is best to get on his hump and ride yourself for free. But this is not the only case , because there were also others who zwęszyli opportunity to earn a few pennies at the expense of top -One. After a period of euphoria accompanying the album " White bears i .." When the whole uproar died down a little , Paul and Darius decided to start working on new material . This time, it was decided unequivocally that has to be a proprietary material , although even before the idea of ​​issuing so-called . "Golden Collection Top -One ", but the boys felt that it would not be the right time , because there were malicious rumors that Top -One " burned out " and no longer has to propose anything new. So work began on a new album . The work was completed in April 2001 . She took the name " Shining Stars" . It contains 12 tracks , which were finally stylistically similar to the early works of Top -One from the period when the latest trends dominated by hits from albums " No Disco " and " More and higher." The term "finally " is used here deliberately , because of the style best associated all Top - One and for that we all longed for. It should also pay attention to the title song from the album " Shining Stars" , which is undoubtedly a big hit , and framed the image in the form of a video clip , which served to us a team , an envelope full of professionalism and taste uncommon production , which was , unfortunately, very little in the Disco Relax . Unfortunately, general satisfaction with overall did not last long . There was an unexpected , deep crisis phonographic industry in Poland, which has affected all kinds of music and all the record companies , even the largest of foreign capital , the publisher of Top -One Plus 'll play . Therefore album " Shining Stars" despite the very positive reviews of environmental and public, has not met the expectations of the team and the publisher , selling in small quantities. Although it became a No. 1 album in the company. Even before the release of the album " Shining Stars" team launched its own website (which at some time radically changes the appearance ) while providing its address in the media. The result surpassed expectations. It turned out that a lot of fans and supporters who have long waited for this form of contact with the team . Through numerous correspondences arrived at the obvious conclusion to remind all songs from the first disc . It turned out that there is still a huge crowd of people who willingly powiększyłaby his discography of the good old songs Top -One. So what was the idea of ​​recording a new album . The team once again reached into its history and has prepared a set of 14 songs from the albums " No Disco " and " More and above ," but now the execution was to refer closely to the original arrangements , as suggested by fans . Started to work and at the end of June 2002 produced the album " The Best - Original " and Aug. 22 is on sale throughout the country . In addition to the said set of tracks on the disc , there was one brand new song, " Made in Poland" , referring to the currently prevailing situation in Poland and the dance version of the hit " Shining Stars" . Has also been recorded video for television mix consisting of 8 songs from the album . In 2002 Top -One played a lot more shows than in previous years, and in August 2002 the band went on a week to Canada , concerts for rustic Polonia. As it soon turned out material " The Best - Original " because of the terrible recession and the crisis in the country phonograph , which fell just at this period , did not bring the expected success. CD sales stopped at the level of 5-6 thousand pieces .. There is , however, hardly surprising since similar results when it comes to selling media reached the biggest stars of the Polish scene during this period. Phonographic industry professionals agreed that they do not remember yet so profound collapse of the market. Somber mood of this period left its mark on the mood in the team. The boys lost if the verve and desire to work . In addition, the fact that pictures of the Disco Relax antenna Polsat has become the proverbial nail in the coffin . Like mushrooms after the rain there were a number of articles and comments about the color truly ironic , proclaiming the euphoria over the end of the phenomenon of Polish dance music , because this moment was the definitive end of the long war western labels with our native publishers. This war was a struggle for influence and Polish market , the struggle for Polish potential buyer of CDs and cassettes . Oh, the usual game of big business , aimed at eliminating the effect of competition .

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