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Lil Hardin-Armstrong

Lillian Hardin-Armstrong

Также известно как: Armstrong, ArmstrongArmstrong, B. Dodds, C. Amstrong, C. Armstong, C. Armstrong, Hardin, Hardin-Armstrong, Harding, L. Armstrong, L. H. Armstrong, L. Hardin, L. Hardin Armstrong, L. Hardin', L. Hardin-Armstrong, L.Armstrong, L.H. Armstrong, Lil Amrstrong, Lil Amstrong, Lil Arkstrong, Lil Armsrong, Lil Armstong, Lil Armstrong, Lil Armstrong And Her Swing Orchestra, Lil Arrmstrong, Lil Hardin, Lil Hardin Armstrong, Lil. Armstrong, Lil. Hardin Armstrong, Lilian, Lilian Armstrong, Lilian Hardin, Lilian Hardin Armstrong, Lilian Hardin-Armstrong, Lilian Harding Armstrong, Lill Hardin, Lillian Armstrong, Lillian Armstrong (Née Hardin), Lillian Harden Armstrong, Lillian Hardin, Lillian Hardin Armstrong, Lillian Hardin-Armstrong

Дискография Lil Hardin-Armstrong:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Brown Gal 14 audio iTunes 1987 Krazy Kat
2 Born To Swing 1936-1937 14 audio iTunes 1988 Harlequin
3 Satchmo And Me: Lil Armstrong's Own Story 14 audio iTunes 1957 Riverside Records
4 Doin' The Suzie Q / My Hi De Ho Man 4 audio iTunes 1936 Decca
5 New Orleans In Paris 8 audio iTunes Vogue Productions

American jazz pianist, composer, arranger, singer and bandleader. Played with : Freddie Keppard, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Henry Allen, Zutty Singleton (& many others) and led in her own groups. Lil Hardin-Armstrong was Louis Armstrong's second wife.They were divorced in 1938. Born : February 03, 1898 in Memphis, Tennessee. Died : August 27, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois.

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