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Bill Traut

Также известно как: B. Traut, Traut
Группа в интернете: http://www.opendoormanagement.com/index.php/about-us/bill-traut

Дискография Bill Traut:

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Musician, arranger, producer, manager, publisher, label executive, attorney and consultant. Former president of [l=Dunwich], and [l=Wooden Nickel Records]; former CEO of [l=Headfirst]. Owner of [a=Open Door Management]. Traut started his career in the 1940s as a saxophonist and arranger for several big bands of the era. He started producing and working as a studio musician in the 1960s for various styles of music, including rock, pop, classical, folk, jazz, blues and country. He has produced for example [a=Styx], [a=American Breed, The], [a=Count Basie], and [a=Buddy Rich].

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