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RIAS Tanzorchester

Также известно как: Das RIAS Tanzorchester, Das RIAS-Orchester Und Ensemble, Das RIAS-Tanzorchester, Die Bläser + Streicher Des RIAS-Tanzorchesters, Orchestra Of RIAS Berlin, The, RIAS Dance Orchestra, The, RIAS Orchestra, Rias Orchestra, The, RIAS Tanzorchester, Berlin, RIAS-Orchester, RIAS-Tanzorchester, RIAS-Tanzorchester Berlin, RIAS-Tanzorchester, Berlin, RIAS-Unterhaltungsorchester
Члены группы RIAS Tanzorchester: Erich Werner, Wolfgang Köhler
Группа в интернете: http://www.drm-berlin.de/geschichte--rias-52.html

Дискография RIAS Tanzorchester:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Babylon A.M.C. 10 audio iTunes Intersound (2)
2 Let Things Happen 12 audio iTunes Intersound (2)
3 Famous Dances And Tunes From Great Operettas & Operas Of The 19th Century 19 audio iTunes 1988 Sonoton
4 The Breeze And I 2 audio iTunes 1955 Polydor
5 Instrumentals - Accent On Piano 12 audio iTunes 1986 Toledo
6 Preludio D'Amore 14 audio iTunes Sonoton
7 Nein - Nein - Nein (No Can Do) / Bim - Bam - Bum 2 audio iTunes Polydor
8 Themes 12 audio iTunes 1981 Sonoton
9 Gaite Parisienne 4 audio iTunes Rondo-Lette
10 Famous Dances And Tunes From Great Operettas & Operas Of The 19th Century 40 audio iTunes 1990 Sonoton
11 Songs Without Words 12 audio iTunes Sonoton
12 Du Bist Die Rose Vom Wörthersee / Liebe Und Musik 2 audio iTunes Telefunken
13 Zwischen Rhein Und Odenwald - Das Lied Vom Gerauer Land 4 audio iTunes Not On Label

Berlin based ensemble, founded November 1948 by [a328257], later leaders were [a552909], [a359504] and [a59283]. Existed until the early 1990s, then the broadcasters RIAS (Radio im Amerikanischen Sektor) & Stimme der DDR were merged into [a1013566], the ensemble became the [a250391].

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