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Phillip Hertz

Также известно как: PC Hertz, Phil Hertz, Philip C. Hertz, Phillip C Hertz

Дискография Phillip Hertz:

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Moved to Olympia WA to attend The Evergreen State College where he played in a number of local bands including Conch (prog rockers who birthed the Corporate Food track on the [r=371462] compilation with [a=Steve Fisk]), [a=Tiny Holes] (with [a=Steve Fisk], [a=Steve Peters], [a=Bruce Pavitt], and [a=Paul Tison]), Jon Foster's Pop Philosophers (in a line up that was the [a=Tiny Holes] band minus [a=Bruce Pavitt]), [a=Gary Wilson]'s NW touring band and others. He was on staff at Op Magazine, a turn-of-the-decade magazine focusing on indie-rock with forays into world music, reggae, and other genres. Op eventually morphed into the influential Option magazine when editor-publisher Jon Foster called it a day. He also was the technical editor of [a=Bruce Pavitt]'s Sub Pop cassettezine. He then held a number of jobs with notable music indies including Rough Trade Inc in San Francisco where he played in yet more bands including [a=Paris Working], Shigaku Trading (home of [l=What Goes On Records]) in London, where he had a brief stint in [a=Scientists, The (2)], and finally to Chicago where he was the founding partner at Cargo Records America and ran the [l=Fist Puppet] label and played in yet more local bands . He currently runs Chicago-based distributor [l=Crosstalk] International Inc and quasi-label [l=Super Bro] while working on various music projects.

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