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Oliver Taranczewski

Oliver Taranczewski

Также известно как: O. Taranczewski, O. Taranczewsky, O.Taranczewski, Taranczewski
Группа в интернете: http://www.central-industrial.de

Дискография Oliver Taranczewski:

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After starting his band RE/Act and the first release on Hypnobeat, he became a member of the electro band Evil's Toy (who changed their name to T.O.Y. in 2000). After working as keyboardist and writer for T.O.Y., the apprentice sound-technician and graphic designer started his own side-project Yavin 4 together with producer Stephan Voigt of Plastic. He left T.O.Y. for good in May 2009 but returned in 2014.

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