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Kim Stone

Также известно как: K. Stone
Группа в интернете: http://www.reverbnation.com/kimstone

Дискография Kim Stone:

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American Bassist - Composer Following a four year stint with east coast based [a=Spyro Gyra], bassist Kim Stone headed west in 1990 to 2008 worked with the world renowned [a=Rippingtons, The]. Their latest release, "20" made it's debut on the charts at number one. Kim’s other credits include working with such greats as [a=B.B. King], Richy Cole, Taj Mahal, [a=David Benoit], [a=Larry Carlton], [a=Eric Marienthal], Javon Jackson, Paul Taylor, Jessica Williams, and Firefall. His extensive performing experience includes multiple appearances at the prestigious Montreux, North Sea, Newport, Kool, JVC, and Playboy jazz festivals as well as numerous nationwide tours of the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia. An innovative composer, Kim has had several of his songs recorded, most notably, Bob Goes to the Store, which was selected by Spyro Gyra as the featured video from their Breakout CD. This composition was such a favorite of theirs that they also included it on their recent release, The Best of Spyro Gyra (The First Ten Years ). In addition, Kim has received five Grammy nominations for four records with Spyro Gyra and one with Rare Silk. In 1999 Kim released his first solo CD entitled More Often Than Not. His second and most recent CD is entitled Lets Cool One.

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