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Messy Marv

Marvin Watson

Также известно как: Mess, Messy "MessCalen" Marv, Messy Mary
Группа в интернете: http://www.messymarvonline.com

Дискография Messy Marv:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Draped Up & Chipped Out 22 audio iTunes 2006-07-18 SMC Recordings
2 Guerilla Red 15 audio iTunes 2007-08-07 Ball Or Fall Records
3 Messy Slick 15 audio iTunes 2007-06-26
4 Da Bidness 19 audio iTunes 2007-02-13
5 Bandannas, Tattoos & Tongue Rings 17 audio iTunes 2005-01-25
6 Explosive Mode 2: "Back In Business" 12 audio iTunes 2006-04-18 Sumo Records (3)
7 Explosive Mode 16 audio iTunes Presidential Records
8 Explosive Mode III: The Mob Gets Explosive 15 audio iTunes 2006-11-07
9 Pop Yo Colla 6 audio iTunes 1997 Presidential Records
10 Cus, Cus 5 audio iTunes 2007
11 What You Know Bout Me? 15 audio iTunes 2006-12-05 Sumo Records (3)
12 What You Know Bout Me? Part 2 11 audio iTunes 2006-12-19 Sumo Records (3)
13 The Tonite Show With Messy Marv 10 audio iTunes 2009-10-30 Fresh In The Flesh Music
14 Blow (Blocks And Boat Docks) 16 audio iTunes 2010-08-16
15 Presents Thizz City 19 audio iTunes 2010
16 Presents Millionaire Gangsta 19 audio iTunes 2010
17 AM To The PM 12 audio iTunes 2012-04-17 Elite Entertainment Group
18 Still Explosive 16 audio iTunes 2001-02-20 M-Entertainment
19 100 Racks 16 audio iTunes 2006
20 Still Explosive 16 audio iTunes 2001-02-20 M-Entertainment
21 Explosive Mode 16 audio iTunes 1998-06-30 Presidential Records
22 Da Bidness Part II 15 audio iTunes 2011-01-18 SMC Recordings
23 Baby 4 audio iTunes 2004 Scalen Muzik Inc.

Messy Marv (a.k.a. MessCalen, born Marvin Watson.) A prolific rapper from the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California. Messy Marv, along with [a=Guce] makes up the duo Bullys Wit Fullys, which is the recipient of the 2006 B.A.R.S. award for best collaboration. In addition to his collaborative efforts with [a=Guce], Messy Marv has released several albums with prominent Bay Area rapper and cousin [a=San Quinn]. He has received considerable attention for his hit song "Get On My Hype", and the Bullys Wit Fullys music video, "So Hood" was in heavy rotation on MTV Jams. He also released a video for his hit single "Don't You Say That". Messy Marv is also a member of [a=Regime, The], a large collective of rappers including [a=Yukmouth], [a=Tech N9ne], BG Bulletwound, [a=Grant Rice], [a=Tha Realest] and [a=Dru Down] among others.

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