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Algy Ward

Alasdair Mackie Ward

Также известно как: A. Ward, A. Wards, Al Ward, Alasdair Ward, Algy, Alistair "Algy" Ward, Alistair Mackie Ward, Alistair Ward, Ward

Дискография Algy Ward:

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Former bass player with [a=Saints, The (2)] (on the "Eternally Yours" LP) and [a=Damned, The] (at their most popular "Machine Gun Etiquette" period) Algy Ward then went on to form [a=Tank (6)] originally with Peter and Mark Brabbs. Often compared to Motorhead, the band made several LPs before folding in the mid 80's. Recently Ward has reformed a version of the band, recording a live CD "Still At War" in 2002.

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