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Craig Smart

Craig Scott Smart

Также известно как: C Smart, C,Smart, C. S. Smart, C. Smart, C.Smart, Craig Scott Smart, Craigsmart, Smart, Smart Craig
Группа в интернете: http://t-music.web.surftown.se/artists/craigsmart/craig.htm

Дискография Craig Smart:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 I’ll Be Ready (To Break My Heart) / I Like It 4 audio iTunes 1998 Booya Records
2 I’ll Be Ready (To Break My Heart) 4 audio iTunes 1998-11-23
3 Freedom 4 audio iTunes 2008-07-00 Ambassade Records
4 S.O.S. 4 audio iTunes 2009-09-00 Net's Work International
5 Señorita 4 audio iTunes 1999-08-23
6 Freedom 2 audio iTunes 2008 Pool e Music
7 One Life Stand 7 audio iTunes 2010 Universal Music Canada
8 Album Preview 11 audio iTunes 1999 Booya Records
9 All The Things I Do 6 audio iTunes 1999
10 What Went On / Baby It's I 5 audio iTunes 2003 Hipjoint Productions

Craig Smart was born in Canada, but he has also Indian and Jamaican roots. Craig never thought that his dream, to become a popstar, would ever become reality and lead him to Europe. Craig’s German-Canadian production team T.E.T met Toni Cottura at the set of a video shoot in Los Angeles and that was the chance to present Toni the demotape. Toni really loved what he heard and immediatlely called his partner Bülent Aris. Only a few weeks later the contract between Booya and Craig Smart was signed and Craig decided to live in Hamburg/Germany. Craig’s solo singles were “I’ll Be Ready (To Break My Heart)” and “Señorita” wich were pretty sucessfull in the German charts. Craig also worked with Rap artists like Rugged I "All The Things I Do", or A.K.-S.W.I.F.T. & Mazaya "It's On". Craig worked on a project called D-Cru. He wrote the songs “I Will be Waiting” and “I Wanna Go” and he was also the singer of the project. Now he is working with the Canadian rapper Rick Threat.

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