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Bio Ritmo

Члены группы Bio Ritmo: Bob Miller (3), Gabo Tomasini, Marlysse Simmons, Rei Alvarez
Группа в интернете: http://www.bioritmo.com

Дискография Bio Ritmo:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Rumba Baby Rumba! 12 audio iTunes 1998 Triloka Records
2 Piragüero / Asia Minor 2 audio iTunes 1996 Merge Records
3 La Verdad 8 audio iTunes 2011 Electric Cowbell Records
4 Lisandra / Shoe Shine 2 audio iTunes 2008 Locutor Records
5 Dina's Mambo 2 audio iTunes 2010-12-07 Electric Cowbell Records
6 Saoco Now! 2 audio iTunes 2013 Vampi Soul
7 Bionico 9 audio iTunes 2008 Locutor Records
8 Bio Ritmo 8 audio iTunes 2004 Locutor Records
9 ¡Que Siga La Música! 9 audio iTunes 1996 Shameless Records
10 Salsa Galactica 12 audio iTunes 1997 Permanent Records
11 La Verdad 8 audio iTunes 2011 Electric Cowbell Records

Bio Ritmo has invested over two decades in the study and performance of ‘salsa’ music – a genre that evolved during the 60’s and 70’s that fused traditional African, Latino and Caribbean rhythms and melodies with American Jazz sensibilities. The members of Bio Ritmo represent a new generation of ‘salseros’ and are recognized around the globe for their innovative song writing and for pioneering the ‘indie’ salsa movement. This movement aspires to not only preserve the roots of salsa but to contribute to the evolution of the music by incorporating new sounds, rhythms and influences from around the world. Based out of Richmond Virginia, since 1991, Bio Ritmo began as an experimental percussion ensemble. Founding members [a=Jorge Negron], [a=Rei Alvarez] and [a=Jim Thomson] shared a love for classic salsa and soon thereafter decided to expand the group’s instrumentation, thus creating a full-fledged salsa orchestra. Over the last 21 years, the ten-member, Bio Ritmo has performed throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe and The Republic of Georgia. They have independently released 10 albums and have been featured on numerous compilation albums including the 2012 'Rough Guide to Salsa' distributed by the UK’s World Music Network, which also featured a bonus compilation CD of exclusively Bio Ritmo music. Their albums have been featured in the iTunes top ten best Tropical albums of the year and recent publications such as Wax Poetics, Latin Beat Magazine and Spain’s EnLace Funk magazine have spotlighted Bio Ritmo, further strengthening the band’s reputation as one of the most original and forward thinking bands in the modern indie Salsa music movement.

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