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Xeno Xeno


Также известно как: Xenoxeno
Группа в интернете: http://unrezt.be

Дискография Xeno Xeno:

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Xeno Xeno is Fa. Fa has been DJing for two decades now [!!!], starting out back in the day spinning new wave and new beat, until techno rolled in and he became resident for clubs like Subway, Keops and Borsalino. He then quit the game and moved to Greece, until he picked up on jungle when back in Belgium. A part of the first draft of Unrezt, as resident DJ under his Lium alias, Fa spun a heavy style of drum'n'bass with strong techno influences. VJ Antonin De Bemels and DJ Murdock later joined him as residents, till he quit DJing to concentrate on producing, leaving his slot to the promising DJ Nojzz. He still graces the decks at occasional acid nostalgia events in and around Namur, and at his daughter's birthday parties.

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