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Kathleen Goossens

Kathleen Goossens

Также известно как: K. Goossens, K.Goossens, Kathleen, Kathleen G, Kathleen G., Kathlen

Дискография Kathleen Goossens:

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Kathleen Goossens was born on May 23, 1976 in Heist op den Berg, Belgium. The musical history of the family goes back to the grandparents. Her grandfather was an accordeon player for "The Rainbows", he was also the producer and the manager behind several Belgian artists. Besides this, the grandparents were running a publishing and a record company. Caitlin's mother owned (and still owns) a record store and it is in that shop that Caitlin spent her childhood and her interest in music was born. After finishing her marketing studies she took a part-time job in the artist agency that her sister ran and as a result, ended up singing for the popular Belgian dance formation Astroline ... one of her sister's company's clients. When Astroline decided to split, Caitlin takes a break from stage, but as a singer she still did several studio jobs. Until she was contacted by the producers of Orion Too.

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