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Isobel Griffiths

Isobel Griffiths

Также известно как: I. Griffiths, I.Griffiths, Isabel Griffiths, Isobel "Jolly Roger" Griffiths, Isobel Griffith, Isobel Griffiths Ltd., Isobel Griffits, Isobell Griffiths, Isobelle Griffiths, Isovel Griffiths

Дискография Isobel Griffiths:

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[b]For the company please use [a=Isobel Griffiths Ltd.][/b] British classically trained artist, who is mostly involved as a musicians contractor. By doing so she gets to be responsible for the addition of extra musicians to an existing orchestra/ensemble or even for the formation of an entirely new one. Her offices are situated at: 37 Stanmore Hill STANMORE HA7 3DS GREAT-BRITAIN

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