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Tom Troccoli's Dog

Члены группы Tom Troccoli's Dog: Dave Claassen, Greg Ginn, Tom Troccoli

Дискография Tom Troccoli's Dog:

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Tom Troccoli was a roadie and merchandising guy for [a=Black Flag]. Eventually, with help from Black Flag guitarist [a=Greg Ginn] (playing bass here) and Black Flag roadie [a=Dave Claassen] (drums), Troccoli put together a group called Tom Troccoli's Dog, who cut one self-titled LP for [l=SST Records] in 1985. Unlike the aggressive hard rock and hardcore punk sounds associated at that time with most SST acts, Troccoli's favored a more laid back approach, frequently drawing comparisons to [a=Neil Young]. In keeping with the Black Flag connection, Tom Troccoli's Dog opened for that group on a 1985 tour.

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