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Bill Bickford

Также известно как: B. Bickford, Bickford, Bill Blickford
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/billbickford

Дискография Bill Bickford:

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BILL BICKFORD, born and raised in Norwalk, CT, began to play guitar by listening to blues records a la [a=Lightnin' Hopkins] and studied with the late [a=Linc Chamberland]. He started professionally with local R&B and soul bands before moving to NYC in '77. After some schooling which included a scholarship funded year at Berkley and two at City College of NY, studying composition and arranging with [a=Mario Davidovsky], [a=Edgar Summerlin], and [a=John Lewis] of [a=Modern Jazz Quartet, The], and a few years of free-lancing with [a=Jack McDuff], [a=Dr. Lonnie Smith], [a=Larry Elgart], Bill Bickford first appeared on record with trumpeter [a=John McNeil] on [r=2199681] In 1982, Bickford joined [a=Joseph Bowie]'s [a=Defunkt] where he remained for the next ten years, contributing several compositions on six records and receiving praise on numerous international tours. Sandwiched in between were gigs with singer [a=Mose Allison], [a=Donald Byrd], the [a=JB Horns] and the late Native American saxophonist [a=Jim Pepper]. Bickford can be heard with his own trio [a=Bigfood] on [r=2878233], also with the funk/trash band [a=Liquid Hips] on [r=1415228], and [m=670472], in a jazzier setting with bassist [a=Ed Schuller] on [r=2306981] or [r=4556225] with [a=Jim Pepper]. Check [a=Paradox (33)] - [m=430674] for power funk-rock live with [a=Billy Cobham] and [a=Wolfgang Schmid]. And, of course, the CD "Cool Bop Phonics"

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