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Avi Lebovich

Также известно как: Avi Lebo Lebovich, Avi Leibovich, Avi Leibovitch
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/avilebovich

Дискография Avi Lebovich:

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Jazz trombonist from Israel who recorded with several jazz and pop acts while living in New York, including Slide Hampton, Chick Corea, Bootsy Collins, Phillip Bailey, Milt Jackson, James Moody, Roy Hargrove, Brad Meldau, and Larry Willis. Subsequently he became a member of the British acid-jazz band Incognito and spent two years recording and touring with the band. In 2003, Lebovich returned to Israel and set up "The Avi Lebovich Orchestra", a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Big-Band, which consists of 13 musicians including himself. He also works as producer, composer and arranger for a number of major Israeli artists. Avi Lebovich was born in 1972 in Yahud, Israel.

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