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Kimo Cornwell

James Cornwell

Также известно как: Cornwell, James "Kimo" Cornwell, James "Kino" Cornwell
Группа в интернете: http://www.hiroshimamusic.com/kimo.html, http://www.audioimpressions.com/info/quotes/kimocornwell

Дискография Kimo Cornwell:

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Keyboardist Kimo (Hawaiian for James) was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and of Hawaiian, Chinese and English ancestry. He grew up in Kalihi and graduated from Farrington High School. His love for music made him become an active keyboard player on the islands. After playing and recording with a number of groups in Hawaii, Kimo and his wife Debbie, moved to Los Angeles to try his hand in the 'mainland' music scene. Discovered by touring groups, Kimo hit the road first with [a=Cheryl Lynn], and then with a succesion of artists including [a=Ronnie Laws], [a=Al Jarreau], [a=Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly] -- and off and on with L.A. band [a=Hiroshima (3)]. Actually during the period of the mid-eighties Kimo was being pulled at by Hiroshima, then Jarreau, then Maze, then Hiroshima, then Maze then . . . you get the picture. Eventually his head gave way to his heart, and he has since bit the pocketbook and become a fulltime mainstay with Hiroshima. Working in the capacity of keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer he has become part of the heart and soul of their music.

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