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Bob Dusi

Roberto Dusi

Группа в интернете: http://www.bobdusi.com, http://www.myspace.com/bobdusi

Дискография Bob Dusi:

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Bob Dusi, formerly [a800005], is an italian acoustic and electric guitar player, and a songs composer too. With his six rope predisposition, Bob has connected Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Bossa and Samba for several years, playing with different italian bands and artists. His new project, Bob Dusi & Banda Charanga, is a connection between italian and brazilian musicians. During the spring 2004 he started producing his music at [l54434] under the direction of [a332858]. In the beginning of summer 2004 the first track, Engano was ready, singed by the brazilian jazz singer [a1112415] (who also performed other two tracks). The sound of Engano was the first step of the new Bob Dusi sound: drums, percussions, bass, guitars, electric piano and vocal + synth and brass. Banda Charanga was born. Typical for his style, the voice of Bob always plays during the hook lines together with the woman. The Bob’s guitars are different: sometimes he will plays over the acoustic guitars, the funky baby guitar, and sometimes you will listen to Grestch Tremolo Guitar + VOX Amplifier, a touch of surfin' blues and exotic jazz. Engano and other tracks featured in different compilation, italian and japanese ([l5145] Japan was the first that started printing Bob Dusi songs out of Italy). On spring 2007 his first album, [r1320687], was released in Japan by Rambling and in december Italy by Tam Tam Studio: 13 tracks between jazzy samba, brazilian funk, some psychedelic guitar flavours and five different vocal featurings inside.

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