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Andrew Lyon

Также известно как: N.U.T.E., N.U.T.E:
Члены группы N.U.T.E: Ana Roxburgh, Andrew Lyon, Ben Parker (3), Daniel Eady, DJ Nightmare, Elliott MacTavish, Greg Danger, Iris P. Love, Mikel Goodwin, Roxy Riot, Russell Dench
Группа в интернете: http://www.cyborgresistance.com/

Дискография N.U.T.E:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 CyborgResistance 12 audio iTunes 2005 Cyborgresistance
2 Drone Function EP 5 audio iTunes 2003 Mediatrix Publishing
3 Drill 3 audio iTunes 2003 Mediatrix Publishing
4 Another Lost One 7 audio iTunes 2001 Mediatrix Publishing
5 Number 8 Wired 8 audio iTunes 2008
6 Do You Want To Play With Me Now? 7 audio iTunes 2013-05-01 Not On Label (N.U.T.E Self-Release)
7 Another Lost One 7 audio iTunes 2001 Not On Label (N.U.T.E Self-Release)

New Zealand industrial band N.U.T.E formed in Wellington in 1999, from the remnants of the band [a=Creassault] by former members frontman [a=Andrew Lyon] and Boost Ventury. In 2000, N.U.T.E headlined the inaugural installment of the Darkness Gathering, an annual dark-end music festival; and went on to perform at the next three years of the festival. With the 2001 release of their E.P [r=593208], and the [r=581200] 3" single and [r=581193] in 2003, N.U.T.E’s music received acclaim throughout New Zealand’s gothic and industrial scenes. On the back of heavy DJ rotation, N.U.T.E cemented their mass appeal with extensive live appearances throughout 2003 and, following relocation to Auckland, 2004. In 2005, the band released their full-length album [r=572638] and in 2006, toured the UK. The 2008 line-up is Drew (guitar/vocals), Roxy Riot (guitar), and live member P.P. Flo (keyboards/electronics).

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