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Rik Copley

Richard Copley

Также известно как: Copley
Группа в интернете: http://facebook.com/76recordings

Дискография Rik Copley:

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Bradford based DJ/Producer from West Yorkshire. Most noted for producing Red Boy Wrong Planet 'Better Life' and Slapper 'Rock To The Max'. Born 1st December 1976 in Bradford he started life as a pirate radio DJ before Djing at various clubs and events in the north of England. At 17 years old he produced the piano tune Better Life using a vocal sample from Kathrine E. He went on to produce more piano tunes including 'Rock To The Max' before ending the 20th century with 1-4-Da-Floor 'Feel The Fire'. Copley appeard live for Pianoman, Da Bass Boyz on Polydore Records and PCP. As well as working on Pianoman's Party People at PWL Studio for 3 Beat/Ffrr. His usual style of music was uplifting Piano anthems in the 1990's. He has now returned to the industry and his first re-release will be a newly branded version of Rock To The Max. He will also be releasing music for a new genre later in 2015.

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