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La Bourette

Pascal Saint-André

Дискография La Bourette:

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La Bourette - (b.1963) trained as a shoe designer before turning to designing jewellery and other accessories. Following internships with Robert Clergerie and Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier he assisted Eric Halley, making jewellery for Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld and Julian MacDonald. In the same period he also made hats and jewellery for Pascal Humbert. Since 2001 he has designed the jewellery for Emanuel Ungaro’s haute couture collections. He has designed costumes and make-up for dance pieces and has published two volumes of poetry. He has had a longstanding performance collaboration with the renowned French DJ [a=Patrick Vidal]. As performance artist, filmmaker, collector of high heels and honorary lesbian, he is an icon of the Parisian demi-monde.

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