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Johnny Moore

John Arlington Moore

Также известно как: "Dizzy" Johnny Moore, 'Dizzy' Moore, Dizzie, Dizzy, Dizzy Johnny, Dizzy Johnny Moore, Dizzy Moore, J La More, J. A. Moore, J. Moore, J.A. "Dizzy" Moore, Johhny Moore, John Arlington (Johnny) Moore, John Moore, Johnnie 'Dizzy' Moore, Johnnie Moore, Johnny "Dizzie" Moore, Johnny "Dizzy "Moore, Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, Johnny ''Dizzy'' Moore, Johnny 'Dizzy' Moore, Johnny (Dizzy) Moore, Johnny Dizzy Moore, Johnny Moo, Johnny More, Moore, Moore, Johnny, With
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Moore_(trumpeter)

Дискография Johnny Moore:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ringo - Oiwake 4 audio iTunes Top Deck Records
2 Turn To The Almighty / Red Is Danger 2 audio iTunes 2002 Top Deck Records
3 Opportunity / Sudden Destruction 2 audio iTunes 1965 Ska Beat
4 Don't Let It Blow Your Mind 3 audio iTunes 2009 Sonic Wax Records
5 Reggae Bad Sax 10 audio iTunes Pioneer International
6 South China Sea (Take 2) / Distant Drums (a.k.a African Blood) 2 audio iTunes 2008 Ska Beat
7 Red Is Danger 2 audio iTunes Soundeck Records
8 Live And Love 14 audio iTunes 1998 Buffy Music
9 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 4 audio iTunes 2004 Grapevine 2000
10 Skanking With The Dragon 2 audio iTunes 2004 Drumweed
11 My Time Is The Right Time / Tribute To Sir Alex 2 audio iTunes 1968 Pama Records
12 Soulful Music / Sound And Soul 2 audio iTunes 2010 Caltone
13 Love Is Positive, Reggae Boyz In France 2 audio iTunes Bee's Production
14 Dark Of The Sun / Continental Shuffle 2 audio iTunes 1968 Matador Records
15 Lonely Reggae 2 audio iTunes Mun-Dane
16 Ringo - Oiwake 4 audio iTunes Top Deck Records
17 Something Special 10 audio iTunes High Times (3)
18 Soulful Music / Sound And Soul 2 audio iTunes 2013 Caltone
19 Mirage 4 audio iTunes 2003 Drumweed
20 Last Tribute To Don D / Parapinto 2 audio iTunes Tennors
21 Baff Boom / Stagger Back 2 audio iTunes Tennors
22 Big Big Boss / Reggae This Reggae 2 audio iTunes 1969 Doctor Bird
23 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 4 audio iTunes 2004 Grapevine 2000

Born: 5th October 1938 Kingston, Jamaica Died: 16th August 2008 Jamaican trumpet player. Founding member of pioneering Jamaican ska act, [a=Skatalites, The] Please consider using other artists named [b]Johnny Moore[/b] [b][a=Johnny Moore (2)][/b] Rhythm 'n' blues guitarist from Texas, active in the 40s - 50s with [a=Johnny Moore's Three Blazers] [b][a=Johnny Moore (3)][/b] Co-writer of the classic [i]"Zindy Lou"[/i] [b][a=Johnny Moore (4)][/b] Songwriter in a hip hop 2002 release of [a=Do Or Die] [b][a=Johnny Moore (5)][/b] Legendary soul singer - songwriter of the Chicago soul scene, active since the mid-60s, member of [a=Superior Movement] [b][a=Johnny Moore (6)][/b] Songwriter of "Country Girl" with [a=Jimmy Haggett Band] [b][a=Johnny Moore (8)][/b] Pop singer, credited for a single release at [l=Ampen] in 1964 [b][a=Johnny B. Moore][/b] Legendary Chicago blues artist [b][a=Johnny Lee Moore][/b] Artist appearing in southern folk heriatge and field recordings compilations [b][a=John Moore][/b] Electronica - house music producer - songwriter, member of [a=Lab, The (3)], [a=MCW], [a=Moore Classic Wall], [a=Rhythm Project, The], [a=Step (2)] [b][a=John Moore (2)][/b] Appearing as scratcher in a 1987 hip hop release of [a=Kings Of Rapp] [b][a=John Moore (3)][/b] Alt rock singer - songwriter - producer, a.k.a. [a=Edward Deverell] with the [a=Expressway, The] [b][a=John Moore (4)][/b] Appearing as congas player with house music band [a=Underground Evolution] (1999) [b][a=John Moore (5)][/b] Rhythm n' blues singer - songwriter, a.k.a. [a=Johnny Darrow], member of [a=Drifters, The] [b][a=John Moore (6)][/b] Guitarist, vocalist, producer with the alt rockers [a=Revolution 9], appearing active in 1992 [b][a=John Moore (7)][/b] Singer - songwriter with the U.K. early '80s new romantics [a=Mood, The] [b][a=John Moore (8)][/b] Progressive house producer active since the late '00s [b][a=John Moore (9)][/b] Saw player, appearing active since late '90s in alt rock releases of [a=Heather Nova], [a=Art Brut], etc. [b][a=John Moore (10)][/b] Appearing as songwriter in a hip hop song of [a=MV (2)] (2004) [b][a=John Moore (11)][/b] Appearing as musician in a release of funk metallers [a=DC-10 (2)] [b][a=John Moore (12)][/b] Visual artist in a 2005 release of [a=Thievery Corporation] [b][a=John Moore (13)][/b] Bassist with the hardcore rockers [a=This Is Hell] (2004) [b][a=John Moore (14)][/b] Tuba, string bass player in a 1974 release of [a=Judith Durham] [b][a=John Moore (15)][/b] Appearing as choir member in a 1976 release of [l=National Geographic], "Songs Of The Civil War" [b][a=John Moore (16)][/b] Bassist, percussionist with [a=Cashmere Jungle Lords] (1987) [b][a=John Moore (17)][/b] Tenor saxophone player in a Chicago blues [a=Walter Davis] (1949 - 1952) compilation [b][a=John Moore (18)][/b] U.S. funk soul producer - songwriter with a 1985 release [b][a=John Moore (19)][/b] Photographer, appearing in a [a=Cosmic Rough Riders] UK release (2006) [b][a=John Moore (20)][/b] Producer, credited in a 1988 heavy metal release of [a=Neon Cross] [b][a=John Moore (21)][/b] Drummer with the bluesmen [a=William Clarke Band, The] appearing in a 1990 release [b][a=John Moore (22)][/b] Alto Saxophone player with [a=Olodum] appearing in a 1992 compilation release [b][a=John Moore (23)][/b] Performer with punk rockers [a=World / Inferno Friendship Society, The] in a 1997 release [b][a=John Moore (24)][/b] Presenter, appearing in a non-music document release with [a=President Jimmy Carter] (1977) [b][a='Deacon' John Moore][/b] Blues, rhythm 'n' blues, rock performer from Louisiana. [b][a=John Alan Moore][/b] Appearing as backing vocalist in a 1977 [a=Eddy Mitchell] release [b][a=John Allen Moore][/b] Electronica - techno producer, member of [a=Channel 69] (1993) [b][a=John David Moore][/b] Designer for artworks of albums in the '70s [b][a=John J. Moore][/b] Vocalist in musical releases

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