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Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight

Lee Collins, David Jones, Nat Story, Big Eye Louis Nelson, Sidney Arodin, Theodore Purnell, Joseph Robichaux, Emanuel Sayles, Al Morgan, Joe Strode

Также известно как: Collins Astoria Hot Eight, Jones & Collins Astoria Hot 8, Jones & Collins Hot Astoria Eight, Jones And Collins Astoria Hot Eight, Jones-Collins Astoria Hot Eight
Члены группы Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight: Al Morgan, Lee Collins (2), Louis Nelson, Nat Story, Sidney Arodin

Дискография Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight:

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The Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight took their name from the bandleaders, Lee Collins and David Jones, and from the "Astoria Gardens" dance hall of the Astoria Hotel on Rampart Street in New Orleans, where they were the house band between 1928 and 1929. The ensemble recorded only once, at the Italian Hall in New Orleans on December 15, 1929. A total of four sides were released from these sessions: "Astoria Strut" b/w "Duet Stomp", issued on Victor Records, and "Damp Weather" b/w "Tip Easy Blues", issued on Bluebird Records. Alternative takes of Damp Weather and Tip Easy Blues survived to appear on reissues decades later. Lee Collins - cornet David Jones - tenor saxophone Nat Story - trombone (does not play on the recording) Big Eye Louis Nelson - clarinet (does not play on the recording) Sidney Arodin - clarinet; substituting for Nelson on the recording session. Theodore Purnell - alto saxophone Joseph Robichaux - piano Emanuel Sayles - banjo Al Morgan - double bass Joe Strode (Joe Stouger) - drums

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