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Thomas Ely

Также известно как: Burberry, Thomas Burbree, Tom Burbree
Группа в интернете: http://www.burbree.com

Дискография Burbree:

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Thomas grew up listening to an eclectic mix of music: from his fathers Blues, Soul and 60’s American rock to his older brother’s vast collection of Jazz Funk, Rare Groove, Hiphop and New Jack Swing. Learning Piano, Clarinet, and Saxophone at school his first experience of the studio came at the tender age of 14. After being asked to build a studio at school he soon sought every opportunity he could get to program synths and assist engineers at local studios. Thomas soon joined a remix outfit called Ignorants with an old school friend. With Thomas on board they grew from a little-known remix outfit to a world-renowned production company. Remixing for the likes of K­Ci and JoJo, 702, Monifah, All Saints, amongst many others they went on to produce the top ten single “What’s your Flava” and a further 5 cuts from Craig David’s platinum selling sophomore album “Slicker than your average”. Nowadays Thomas lives with his wife in London and continues to produce and mix full time for a variety of acts. His technical and creative flair means he understands the technology behind production without compromising on musicality.

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