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Annerley Gordon

Annerley Gordon

Также известно как: A Gordon, A. Goedon, A. Gorden, A. Gordon, A.Gordon, Ann Lee, Anne, Annehley Gordon, Annerlie Gordon, Annerly G., Annerly Gordon, Annery Gordon, Anny Gordon, Gordon, Gordon A., Gordon, A., M.Soncini

Дискография Annerley Gordon:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Take Your Time 4 audio iTunes 1992 A.Beat-C.
2 Hot 'N' Ready 5 audio iTunes 1991 A.Beat-C.
3 Donna 4 audio iTunes 1991 A.Beat-C.
4 Sexy Boy-Sexy Toy 3 audio iTunes 1990 A.Beat-C.
5 Can't Stop The Music 3 audio iTunes 1994 Avex Trax
6 Chasis Reloaded - Edicion Especial Vol 1 2 audio iTunes 2003 Vale Music
7 Down Town Rhythm 4 audio iTunes 1992 A.Beat-C.
8 Everybody Let's Dance 5 audio iTunes 1993 A.Beat-C.

Along with the voices of [a=Giovanna Bersola] and [a=Sandra Chambers] chiefly featured on numerous big 1990's Eurodance chart hits, in part in some grotesque lip-sync scams, the one from Annerley Gordon is probably to be considered in this select club too. Her name and voice can be linked to many projects of [a=Larry Pignagnoli] and [a=Davide Riva].Another silly project, [a80811], doubled the vocal tracks of Gordon. Two models were then hired to front the concept of 'duet' established by the producers, although none of the girls could sing.

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