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Члены группы Yatra: Jürgen Flemming, Norbert Jäger, Peter Kühnel, Sören Neumann

Дискография Yatra:

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A cross-culture jazz/folk/ethnic fusion band formed in Magdeburg, DDR in the mid-1970's. The first recorded document of Yatra is on the 1985 Kleeblatt No. 16 "Jazz Kaleidoskop" album, when the line-up was: Peter Kühnel (sitar), Jürgen Flemming (violin), Norbert Jäger (tabla, percussion), Sören Neumann (electronics). Tape releases exist that were sold at gigs. Another member, percussionist Klaus Gehn, joined Embryo in 1996. A 2004 line-up listed as: Peter K. Kühnel (sitar, guitar, guitar synthesizer, rubab, flute, vocals, percussion), Norbert Jäger (tabla, percussion, electronic percussion), Günther Janocha (e-drum, percussion), and Turkish percussionist Ismail Tarlan (darabuka), released some CDr's and also a collaboration with the ex-Embryo troupe Ear Transport.

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