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Aubrey Nunn

Aubrey Nunn

Также известно как: Aubrey V. Nunn

Дискография Aubrey Nunn:

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Aubrey's professional experience began as a member of the international number one selling band [a=Stiltskin] having recently split from Heavy Stereo with Oasis' [a=Gem Archer]. He subsequently became a founder member of the triple platinum selling band [a=Faithless], and over the last ten years he has played bass guitar for hundreds of sessions including both No Angel and Life for Rent for [a=Dido], and for artists such as [a=Gabrielle], [a=Neil Finn], [a=Carlos Santana], [a=R. Kelly], and most recently [a=Corinne Bailey Rae]. His production and writing credits include co-writing and co-producing [a=Dido]'s recent album Life For Rent. For the last ten years he has spearheaded [a=Faithless]' management company while continuing to work with developing artists as a writer, producer and manager.

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