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Jesse Perez

Jesse Perez

Группа в интернете: https://www.facebook.com/JessePerezMusic, https://twitter.com/DJJessePerez, http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/jesseperez, http://www.myspace.com/djjesseperez

Дискография Jesse Perez:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Dance Tonight EP 2 audio iTunes 2005-06-13 O Recordings
2 Roller Tech / Conscious 2 audio iTunes 2006-02-00 Behold Recordings
3 House Musik 2 audio iTunes 2006-10-28 Spica Records
4 Hello 2 audio iTunes 2006-10-10 Behold Recordings
5 Freakin You EP 4 audio iTunes 2007-02-00 Behold Recordings
6 House Musik 2 audio iTunes 2006 Spica Records
7 Miami Connection E.P. 6 audio iTunes 2010-09-08 Stereo Productions
8 Jesse Don't Sport No Jerri Curl 2 audio iTunes 2012-02-00 Hot Creations
9 How To Name A Porno EP 5 audio iTunes 2010-12-01 Mr. Nice Guy Records
10 The Stupid Shit / Kid Dynamite EP 3 audio iTunes 2011-02-21 Mr. Nice Guy Records
11 Tales From An 8th Street Motel 13 audio iTunes 2011-05-02 Mr. Nice Guy Records
12 This Hoe Gonna Get Some Dick EP 4 audio iTunes 2011-06-27 Mr. Nice Guy Records
13 Miami's My Town 3 audio iTunes 2012-08-20 Mr. Nice Guy Records
14 Miami's My Town 3 audio iTunes 2011-04-12 Mr. Nice Guy Records
15 Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams 4 audio iTunes 2013 Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams
16 Kama Sucia The Art Of Slangin' D 16 audio iTunes 2014-02-01 Mr. Nice Guy Records
17 That's Real Muthafuckin' Talk 4 audio iTunes 2014-02-03 I'm A House Gangster

For Booking Request: North & South America: Sebastian Toddy, bookings@mrniceguyrecords.com UK / Europe: Jo Hunter jo@jackmode.de Mr. Nice Guy Showcase: bookings@mrniceguyrecords.com In the words of Mike Tyson "If they pay me enough, I'll get in the ring with Jesse Perez". Legend tells it that Jesse was born in a rundown motel in Little Havana (A small latin neighborhood in Miami) minutes after being conceived. Son to a Local Pimp, (who is oddly 10 years older than Jesse) Jesse was exposed to the art of Slangin' D as a young boy. His mother who at that time was a stage dancer for a popular local rap group called the "2 Live Crew", would work many shows for these artist and would sneak Jesse in as often as she could. Jesse's first exposure to Bass Music and Ass Clapping made a huge impression on him. 15 years later, Jesse applied his childhood experiences towards the development of a new visionary company known as "[l371167]" . Considered as one of Miami's most promising, and forward thinking companies since Bang Bros. Jesse has managed to not only run this company but also star in several successful "Mr. Nice Guy" films including "Slangin That D", "Tales From An 8th Street Motel" and "This Hoe Gonna Get Some Dick". Homeboy don't mess around, he means business.

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