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James Wood

Группа в интернете: https://myspace.com/jaywoodsongs

Дискография James Wood:

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Warnings : - For the English Trance producer, see [a=James Wood (3)]. - For the classical conductor, see [a=James Wood (4)]. - For the Jessie Rose Trip member, see [a=James Wood (6)]. Singer, guitarist, bassist and composer, James Wood was born in Sheffield in the 50's. After moving to London, he created "The 45's". The band played in several famous pubs of London. The first single of the band, 'Couldn't believe a word', became a little success in England. But the band split in 1983. During a trip in Brittany the young James Wood decided to settle in the Nantes area. There, James was part of the band "Bouskidou" for several years. After that he created the band "Jaywood" and then "The Architects of Misfortune". [a388238] has regularly invited him on his multi-artists albums, and James Wood had a great influence on the 'Excalibur' trilogy, bringing the adaptations in English of most of the texts and co-writing music with Alan Simon. Since 2010, James Wood is member of Leo Seeger's Band.

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